6 Degrees Of Seperation

6 degrees of separation , an ice-breaker that will prove we are connected somehow.

Sometimes when we meet a friend of a friend or a complete stranger, don’t we find we are not so distant at all? Though we have met them for the first time, we instantly discover our mutual connection through seemingly impossible people like our distant cousin whom we’ve not met for several years or a primary school friend who changed school when we were at grade 3.

6 degrees of separation is an ice breaking game that attempts to prove that the world is not a very big place.


Equipment: Pen, Paper

Time: 15-20mins

Group Size: 5-10

Effective Age Group: 15 and above

How to play 6 Degrees of Separation?

  • Choose a partner, introduce yourselves and make a list of 5-10 things that are common with you both.
    This list may include the school you went, the year you were born, the restaurants you like, the sport you played at high school etc.
  • Once you have made your first list, find someone else in the group that has few things similar with you.
  • Now make another list of things similar with the new person.
  • Now repeat step 2 with another person in the room.
  • Continue until you’ve met 4-5 (you can set the number according to group size) people with a lot of similarities.
  • The first person able to complete the task wins the game.

 Key Takeaways:

  • Try to make the list more generic and less specific.

Having Lord Varys as the favorite Game of Thrones character is a specific attribute while binge watching Game Of Thrones is a more common hobby.

  • Try to find out the connection between you and the person you’ve just met. Maybe a common friend or a common teacher who knows how much you’re connected.
  • Try to be more liberal while matching things common with your partner. Things are not always going to match a 100%.

Learning Outcomes:

  • 6 Degrees of Separation is a great team building activity that makes you more outspoken and less shy.
  • This game also helps to bring like minded people together.
  • This game is a trip to human behavior and thought process. It makes us realize maybe we are not that different after all.