A4 Paper Challenge

A4 paper challenge--icebreaker and team building activity

A4 paper challenge is a fun icebreaker for adult and a great team building activity for kids. The power of this game is it’s simplicity. The players try to get their bodies through an A4 size paper molded into different shapes.


Equipment: A4 size paper, Scissors

Group Size: 5-20

Time: 10-20 minutes

Effective Age Group: 6 and above

How to play the A4 Paper Challenge?

  • The group is divided into pairs.
  • Each pair is given an A4 size paper and pair of scissors
  • The players must mold the A4 size paper (without tearing) into a shape they think the other player will fit into.
  • Now the players make a pair and take turns trying to get through the paper they have just molded.
  • While getting through, if the paper is torn, the pair gets disqualified.
  • 1 point is rewarded for each successful attempt.
  • The pair with highest number of points takes the prize.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try not to cut the paper thinner on the edges as it might just tear off.

    Best strategy for A4 paper challenge
    Best strategy for A4 paper challenge
  • The best strategy is to first fold the paper in half. Then cut lines in the paper as shown in figure to the right. Make sure these lines are about     1 cm apart (as in red and blue lines in the figure). Then unfold the paper and very carefully make incisions around the yellow line making sure not to cut the ends. Finally open your paper design and try to get your bodies through it.


Learning Outcomes:

  • A4 paper challenge is a microcosm of engineering itself. The players must geometrically engineer the largest gap from a thin sheet of paper so as to allow their partners through it.
  • This game is also about teamwork as the teams must work together both during the cutting part and while fitting through.
  • A4 paper challenge also helps to hone your paper cutting skills.