Alien, Tiger, Cow

Alien, Tiger, Cow a team building game for kids

Alien, Tiger, Cow is a fun team building activity for kids in which the players impersonate each of an Alien from distant planet, the king of the jungle and a harmless herbivore.


Time: 10-20 minutes

Equipment: None

Group Size:  3-5

How to play Alien, Tiger, Cow?

  • The players gather in a circle and choose to impersonate either of below three alternatives:
    Alien: hold your index fingers up next to your head, as little antenna`s and say `Bleeb bleeb`, bending inwards into the circle
    Tiger: Push your hand forward and show your claw imitating the claws of tiger
    Cow: Put your hands on your tummy and goo ‘mooooooooo’
  • On the sign of the facilitator, the players start to express their choice. The idea is for everyone to be the same animal which obviously won’t be the case.
  • Keep on doing this until everybody is in sync.

Watch these guys having fun with Alien, Tiger, Cow


Feel free to add your own version of animal. Alien, owl, donkey is my suggestion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try to make funny gestures while impersonating each of three.
  • Keep it random, no deliberate impersonation please.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This game helps to build up acting skill.
  • This game also helps to build up a knack for reflexive synchronization.