Assassin, a team game about cops, assassin and politicians

Assassin (also known as Scorpion) is a team building game similar to Mafia but unlike mafia which is about accusations and persuasion, this game is about analyzing and interpreting reactions.


Equipment: Card/paper

Time: 5-10 minutes

Group Size: 5-20

Effective Age Group: 15 and above

How to play Assassin?

  • From a deck of cards, take cards equal to number of players. Or in case of paper, tear paper into parts equal to number of players.
  • Categorize the cards into Assassin, politician and cops. For example make ace of spade assassin, ace of heart cop and the rest politicians. In case of papers, write assassin in one, cop in one, assassin in one and politician in the rest.
  • Now everybody puts their cards (or papers) face down so nobody has any idea about what the next person might be.
  • Now everybody will shake their hand in random with other players.
  • Here’s the trick, the assassin will scratch the wrist of other players (sort of imitating the poison dart).
  • If you are a politician, you will die of the poison dart but after a few seconds after the handshake. (Do not die immediately as the cop will easily found out and there will be no intrigue left in the game)
  • But if the assassin scratches the cop, the cop is immune to dart and the cop catches the assassin.
  • The game continues until the assassin has killed all the politicians or the cop has caught the assassin.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are assassin, you should try not to scratch cop’s wrists.
  • In case of fewer players, the cop should try not to get any more politicians killed by guessing the assassin and consuming his time by shaking his hand thus denying him the chance to poison the politicians.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This game helps to build up your power of interpreting reactions as you should closely observe and interpret reactions of fellow players either as a cop or a assassin.
  • Assassin game also helps in building up your power of speculation as you have to speculate the identity of fellow players.
  • The game assassin aids non-verbal communication as only handshakes are permitted.
  • Besides all psychological theories, this game is all about light hearted humor with your friends.