Battleshot Drinking Game

Battleshot drinking game

Battleshot Drinking Game is a rendition of classical game Battleship. If you do not know how to play battleship, you can learn it from this Manual.

Equipment Required:

Watch Johnny Knoxville playing Battleshot on Jimmy Falon show

How to play Battleshots Drinking Game?

  • Battleshots arrangementSit on opposite corners facing each other. Arrange the Battleshots’ board between you with an opaque object so you can not see each other’s coordinate map.
  • Now in private (so that the other player can not see you), arrange your battleshots carefully. First place your ships across the coordinates you want and put glasses with booze over them. (6 cups work the best: 3 for battleship, 2 for destroyer and one for your submarine).
  • After both of you are done arranging the shots, the game can be started.
  • Do a coin toss to decide who goes in first.
  • On your turn, call out the coordinates where you think the opposing player has positioned his ship (e.g B-3)
  • To keep a record, mark your dry erase coordinate map with X’s where a target is hit and 0’s where a target is missed.
  • If you are able to hit your opponent’s battleship, mark your coordinate map with an X, in that case your opponent must take a shot of his drink and if you miss, immediately add an 0 to avoid double guessing same location.
  • Sink all your opponent’s battleship to win the game.
  • The losing player consumes all the beverage in the ships.