Your Ultimate Guide to Beer Pong Tables

A complete guide to beer pong tables.

As a drinking game, Beer Pong needs no introduction. This game is played over a table with cups spread across longitudinal ends where the players take turns getting their pong balls into the cups of other teams.

It’s obvious that Beer Pong needs tables. If you are living on a University or a hostel, great! you can easily play beer pong over the table tennis board. Plus with decent time and effort, you can build your own table.

There are also several cool commercial Beer Pong tables which will help you enjoy this game. These tables come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

But first, let’s learn about the anatomy of a good table.

Beer Pong Table Size:

Beer Pong table should be of around 96″ in length, 24″ in breadth and 27″ in height. These are the official dimensions of a beer pong table.

The anatomy of a beer pong table.

  • A beer pong table should be stable enough to withstand minor knocks from the drunk participants. The legs should either be large enough to hold two sides or they should be made of lightweight but highly elastic materials to withstand shear forces and moments acting during the play.
  • The table should be long enough to separate two cup compartments. The ideal beer pong table size should be 6-10 feet. Anything less than that would congest the table and hinder with gameplay.
  • Make sure the table has an appropriate height. Any taller and it’s hard to aim, any shorter and you can knock the table.
  • There is going to be some spilling and wastage so having a waterproof surface surely helps a lot.
  • Having a portable base with easy to transport flaps would be a great asset to a beer pong table.
  • Having custom holes at the either end to serve as grip for cups is also a tremendous feature which will help managing spilling and wastage.

Let’s explore different varieties of Beer Pong Tables:

Portable Beer Pong Table:

This table is 8 foot long on full stretch yet it can be completely shrunk into a briefcase for storage and transportation. The table is made from aluminium which despite being a lightweight metal has incredible strength, superior malleability and excellent corrosion resistance.

The surface is moisture resistant and cleans up easily. This table has an unbelievable weight of just 25 pounds and folds up to 2ft*2ft on length and just 5″ on height including handles.

The table comes with pre-cut holes so you won’t have to worry about glasses spilling the beer. The table also includes 4 Dry Erase Markers (Red, Blue, Green, Black) and 6 Pong Balls. So you’ll just need beers to get the game going.

You can also design your table into different themes including your favorite Sports Teams, State Flags, School Logos, Greek Logos etc.

Floating Beer Pong Table

This floating beer pong table referred to as ‘pool pong’ is about 6 ft in length and about 2 inches in width which might appear a bit on the lower side of the table dimension spectrum. But it’s ideal for pool parties or any water-related recreational activities.

In addition to playing beer pong in it, you can also just casually drift around your pool sunbathing or reading books. It has 10 inbuilt cup holders so you wouldn’t have to worry about spilling beer in the pool. It has an incredible weight of 4.6 pounds so transportation is hardly a problem.

All rafts are inflation tested and quality checked so you can just enjoy drifting around the pool without worries. In addition to pool parties, this table is served a great deal of purpose for spring breaks, summer pool parties, or lake boating.

Glow in the Dark Beer Pong Table

This glowing beer pong table (also known as glow pong) adds glitter to your drinking session. Ideal for late evenings and night (that’s when the drinking should start), this table adds glow to your beer pong session. The lights emitted by the table are of elegant blue and green color which makes the game vivid and increases concentration.

The dimension of this table is 8′ x 2′ x 27 3/4″ which is in and around regulation size for a beer pong table. The awesome thing about this table is that it is powered by AA Batteries so there’s no fuss about finding a power port which makes it suitable for outdoor operations.

The body of this table is made from Aluminum which makes the table robust and lightweight. This table also quickly folds to suitcase size (with handles & legs) for easy portability & storage. You can also add glowing cups to increase the intensity of the game.

So what are you waiting for? Turn off the lights and get lit.

Custom Beer Pong Table

This beer pong table requires effort from your side too. The table is 8 foot long (as per the regulations) and about 30″ in height. The best thing about this table is that it comes in completely blank. So you have full control over the designs of the table.

This table also comes with stainless steel bottle cap opener attached to the top and a foam ball holder beneath the table so you’d not have to worry about the stray balls.

This table has an extraordinary weight of just 22 pounds. The materials are made from aluminum and it can be folded for storage and transportation.

This table is also moisture repellent and scratch proof. So experiment with your table designs without a single worry. If you do not like the factory made designs or you want to place your own designs then this table is ideal for you.

Beer Pong without Tables

Playing Beer Pong without tables? Seems absurd right? the whole dynamics of the game revolves around a table. But if you can adjust on your part, you can play this game even without tables.

This arrangement, also referred as Pong Island takes only about 10% of the conventional beer pong tables. So if you want to have a swift session without having to do much dragging and folding, this is an ideal choice for you. But you’d miss out on some parts like ball bounces, rebounds of the tables etc.

Another awesome feature of Pong Island is its legs. The legs can retract according to your adjustment so you’ll not have to worry about it’s height. This is extremely lightweight (around 7 pounds) so you can carry this set with you almost anywhere.

Pong Island is an ideal fit for outdoor picnics, beaches, river shores or anyplace where carrying tables is not a viable option.

Mini Beer Pong Table

This is a tabletop version of your favorite party drinking game where players catapult pong balls into their opponents’ cups in an attempt to clear the board.

The table set includes a wood game board with skid-resistant footing, 2 launchers, 1 tethered ball, 25 cups and a mesh storage bag for all component. Because of it’s mini size, you do not have to worry anymore about the space your drinking adventure is going to consume.

This table is perfect for your happy hours, pregames, drinking parties and also aids you a great deal on your trave. Perfect for happy hour, pre-games, parties and traveling with its compact size and portable features. Mini-pong is ready to go wherever you do. Just unpack and Mini Pong will be ready to go.

Do you have other ideas for a beer pong table? Perhaps a new concept may be? Share us in the comments below.