Beer Pong

Beer Pong game

Beer Pong also known as a Beirut is a widely popular team game in which two teams compete with each other to feed the maximum amount of beverage to the next team.

Beer Pong is one of the most popular party drinking game that’s played in most countries.


Group Size: 6-20

Equipment: Cups, Beverage, Ping Pong Balls, A Beer Pong Table

Effective age group: 21 and above

How to play Beer Pong?

  • The players are divided into two teams and are seated towards opposite ends of a table.
  • The liquid beverage is served per person and kept in front of the players.
  • Now each team takes turn in landing the ping pong ball across other team’s cups.
  • If the ball lands on the cup, also referred to as the cup being made, the owner of the glass has to empty the content inside.
  • The first team to completely eliminate opponent’s cups wins
  • In case a team loses all of their cups, the other team can make all the cups again and get another chance, this is called the rebuttal.
  • In case a team makes all of opponent’s cups with none of their being made, this is called a shootout. Some house rule suggest the shooting team can make the losing team do whatever they want. In drunken frenzy, these punishments are usually naked lap dances or binge drinking.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are playing this game with alcoholic beverages, please drink responsiblybeerpong-tips-and-tricks as you would have no track of how much beverage you would have consumed.
  • Try making the shots like on the right for maximum effect.
  • There is a world series of Beer Pong, an activity that has been taking place since 2006 with a prize money of $50,000


Learning Outcomes

  • Being a sort of ball game itself, it teaches various aspects of traditional sport like calculation and precision
  • It helps in developing communication skills between teammates.
  • Besides all these it is a massively fun team building activity if you stick to drinking responsibly (well with beer itself)

Enjoy the video of Beer Pong World Championship

Have you played Beer Pong? How did you like it? Did you get wasted? Let us know in the comments below.