Blind Drawing

Blind drawing game

This game is similar to Homemade Pictionary except one of the player is blindfolded. This game is a fun icebreaker activity and great for team building.


Equipment: Marker, White Board, Blindfold

Group Size: 4-10 ( The more the merrier)

Time: 10-20 minutes

Effective Age Group: 12 and above

How to play Blind Drawing?

  • Similar to pictionary, the facilitator (who is not involved in the game)creates note cards of words belonging to following category:

People, Places or Animals: For example Abraham Lincoln or One horned Rhinos

Action: For example Punching or doing a surgery

Object: A familiar object like a car or bookshelf

Something difficult : Like Niagra Falls

or something abstract:  love or hate

  • A player is chosen at random. He picks a card and reveals the category but not the phrase. He is blindfolded and asked to draw his word at the marker board.
  • The rest of the players guess the word on the basis of the picture he has drawn.
  • Award one point if the other players can correctly guess the word.
  • The player with most points wins the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t put enormously hard words on flash cards, you can be funny with your choice as long as you do not put something like hypnotized chicken on the note card.
  • The picture drawn should not have any number or letter in it.
  • The players can not use any hand gesture or produce any sound while drawing. If found doing so, the player is eliminated from the round. You can even penalize a point as a more severe punishment.
  • Instead of having facilitator decide the word, you can choose your own words and shuffle them up.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Blind Drawing helps to improve your visual interpretation skills.
  • This game also helps to improve your deduction skills, deducing a picture drawn by a blind man, that’s so Sherlock, right?
  • This game bolsters non verbal communication between team mates.
  • Blind Drawing  also helps to improve your drawing skills as well as power of imagination.