Bullshit is a card game about deceiving your opponents. This game can also be played at parties and gatherings as a drinking game with modified rules.


Equipments: A full deck of card.

Time: 10 minutes (can be stretched to any time you want)

Group size: 2-52

Effective Age Group: 15+

How to play Bullshit?

Distribute the cards equally among players (Tolerance of upto 3 is also fine).

The player who has the Ace of Spades starts the proceeding by laying off the card across the table.Now the players must lay across their cards face down.

The adjoining player must lay across the ‘2’ card (of any color). The trick is you can fake the ‘2’ card by laying any other card face down.

If any other player spots the bluff then he says “bullshit” while the player is making the bluff.

If it turn out the player was actually bluffing, he picks up all the cards in the floor and if it turns out he was not bluffing then the player who first called “bullshit” should pick up all the card.

Game finishes when a player is able to get rid of all his cards.

JKP have fun playing Bullshit

Alternatively, if you want to play Bullshit as a party drinking game, you can add booze to the game. If the bluffing is correctly spotted, the bluffmaster should take his drink and if he is wrongly accused, the accuser must take the drink.

Key Takeaways:

You can also fake or finish your cards in pairs, trials and four cards of same color. If your turn is ‘3’ and you have three ‘3’ cards, you can lay all three of them at the same time. Or you can bluff the same.

Constantly observe the changes and keep looking at your cards to find out if the player is bluffing. If you have three ‘4’ and the other player lays out a ‘4’, there is  a high probability that he is bluffing.