Buzz Drinking Game

Buzz Drinking Game is a basic counting drinking game

Buzz is a extremely simple game unless you are ‘mathematically impaired’. Basically, this game is a counting game with a bit of twist. The twist is basically about drinking so no mysteries here. This is a fun drinking game and even serves as a good icebreaker at parties.

Requirements: Alcoholic Beverage of your choice, basic number counting skill.

How to play Buzz drinking game?

  • Buzz is extremely simple game to play. All you have to do is form a circle and start from a random player.
  • The player starts the counting from ‘1’ the next player should say ‘2’ and so on.
  • When the counting reaches to 7 or multiples of 7, the player should say ‘buzz’ instead of the number. If the player opts in for the number instead of the word ‘buzz’ the player must take a sip from his drink.
  • Though this game may sound trivial, on full flow, this game is hard to keep pace with.


  • There is another interesting variation to this game which is even harder to play. Instead of saying buzz at number 7 or multiples of 7, say it at prime numbers. Since linear series is simple to keep tab of, prime numbers are way more effective.
  • Another variation to this game is even more chaotic. Associate a sound of animal to numbers up to 4. For example associate ‘mooooo’  with number 1, ‘meow’ with number 2 and so on. After 4 sounds, the player on his turn must say ‘buzz’ for 5 and every multiple of 5. After the buzz, the sequence goes on as before.