Cacophony a noise-making icebreaker for kids.

Cacophony also called noise extremes is a casual recreational activity as well as a fun team building activity. This game involves kids making loud incoherent noises.


Equipment: None

Group Size: 5-10 (More like how much you can handle)

Time: 2-5 minutes

Effective Age Group: 4-10

How to play Cacophony?

  • Arrange the kids in a circle.
  • A randomly chosen player starts making a noise of his choice.
  • The player then squeezes the hand of adjoining player and s/he should try to mimic the sound made by first player (The first player continues making noise in the meantime)
  • This process continues until the hand of the first player is squeezed.
  • The initial player now immediately goes silent while also squeezing hands of adjoining player who also should immediately go silent.
  • Continue these process until everybody is making a noise in one round and everybody has gone silent in the opposite round.

Key Takeaways

  • You can ask kids to impersonate different animals like cows, goats etc. while doing cacophony.
  • Alternately you can assign each player with individual noises they should be making, for example initial player is assigned cow, the second player sheep and so on.

Learning Outcomes

  • Cacophony improves the impersonation skills in kids.
  • This game also helps to bolster spontaneity and non verbal communications between kids.