Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity: An offensive team building game

Before you go on to read more about Cards against Humanity, I should warn you that this game is not for you if you have a tendency to get easily offended. But if you have a rather dry sense of humor, it’s a game you wont easily forget. There is also the online version of cards against humanity called Pretend You’re XYZZY



Group Size: 5-20

Equipment: Cards Against Humanity Flash Cards 

Time: Depends, Usually an hour or so

How to play Cards Against Humanity?

  • The game consists of two cards, the black and the white. You can buy these cards online or you can print them out themselves.
  • The black cards contains absurd questions like ‘what will I bring back in time to convince people I am a wizard’ while the white card contains borderline offensive answers like ‘a great depression’ or ‘viagra’ or Santa Claus
  • One of the players becomes the conductor and picks a black card with a question while everybody else picks several white cards with answers.  The conductor then reads aloud the question and counts to 5.
  • The players then submit the white card with the answer they find most suitable, face down.
  • The person who does not submit the card by the time the conductor has counted 5 is automatically eliminated.
  • The conductor then decides which card is the funnies fit and then awards the player with a star.
  • The players take turns being the conductor and the player with most stars win. Or you can set a random number. Like the first person getting 5 star wins.

Just Kidding Party showing how this game is played.

Key Takeaways:

  • This is just a game. Most of the online Cards have silly questions and offensive answers regarding religion and relationship. Take this game with nothing else in mind.
  • While awarding stars, reward the card before revealing the identity of the player.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This game helps to intensify your humor reflex as you have to think of the funniest card right after the question which helps to flex your humor reflex.
  • This game is about finding appropriate humorous response, so it also helps to improve your rhetorical thinking.