Buzz Drinking Game is a basic counting drinking game

Buzz Drinking Game

January 13, 2017 mycoolteam 0

Buzz is a extremely simple game unless you are ‘mathematically impaired’. Basically, this game is a counting game with a bit of twist. The twist […]

Sixes Drinking Game

Sixes Drinking Games

January 12, 2017 mycoolteam 0

Sixes is a dice based drinking game where you have to do drinking related activities depending upon the outcome of the die. Requirements: Alcoholic Beverage […]

Flip, Sip or strip is a drinking game about stripping and getting drunk.

Coin Flip, Sip or Strip

January 12, 2017 mycoolteam 0

Flip and Strip is a cool drinking game that requires minimum resources but ensures interesting drinking mood. This game tends to be sexual in nature […]

never have I ever

Never Have I Ever

January 8, 2017 mycoolteam 0

Never Have I ever, also sometimes referred as ‘Ten Fingers’ or ‘I’ve Never’ is one of the most popular verbal drinking game where the participants […]