Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga Drinking Game

January 7, 2017 mycoolteam 0

Jenga drinking game is similar to Kings Drinking Game, except it is played with Jenga cards instead of regular cards. This game will get you […]

Quarters Drinking Game

Quarters Drinking Game

January 6, 2017 mycoolteam 0

Quarters is a popular drinking game played all over the world. Apart from Alcoholic Beverages of your choice, it does not require much materials and the […]

Kings card game.

Kings Drinking Game

January 5, 2017 mycoolteam 0

Kings Drinking Game is probably the most popular card drinking game.  Each card is associated with an activity related to drinking and when the card […]

cup disguise

Cup Disguise

January 4, 2017 mycoolteam 0

Cup disguise is an extremely fun party drinking game which is sure to get your drunk quickly. Make sure you are at the party to […]