Secret Santa, a great icebreaker and team building activity for festivals

Secret Santa

December 11, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Secret Santa is a great festive game and also a great icebreaker. As the name suggest this game is all about the spirit of Christmas. […]

Big Wind Blows: A great party icebreaker

Big Wind Blows

December 6, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Big Wind Blow a.k.a Great Wind Blows is a fun icebreaker,  a great team building activity and one of the coolest party games.  This game […]

A4 paper challenge--icebreaker and team building activity

A4 Paper Challenge

December 6, 2016 mycoolteam 0

A4 paper challenge is a fun icebreaker for adult and a great team building activity for kids. The power of this game is it’s simplicity. […]