Did you see it? a great office icebreaker

Did You See It?

December 2, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Think about this, everyday we walk into our office through the same gateway, take the same route to our table via similar surrounding like a […]

Expectation a great Icebreaker for meetings


December 2, 2016 mycoolteam 0

The game Expectations is an interesting icebreaker at meetings and powerful team building activity for adults. It helps you learn the expectations of your colleagues […]

Electric Pulse

December 2, 2016 mycoolteam 0

The Electric Current game mimics the flow of electricity. Just like the electrical energy flows from one electron to other, the hand gestures are transferred […]

Line up an ice breaker game about forming lines

Line Up

December 1, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Line Up is a fun filled ice breaker that is exclusively suitable for larger groups. Line Up is a extremely simple team building activity that […]