Who is in your bunker?

March 1, 2020 mycoolteam 0

Who is in your bunker is a team building game devised by Tate Glasgow. This is an excellent team building activity which can be enjoyed adults as […]

Kings card game.

Kings Drinking Game

January 5, 2017 mycoolteam 0

Kings Drinking Game is probably the most popular card drinking game.  Each card is associated with an activity related to drinking and when the card […]


January 4, 2017 mycoolteam 0

Bullshit is a card game about deceiving your opponents. This game can also be played at parties and gatherings as a drinking game with modified […]

Fireman's Relay

Fireman’s Relay

December 18, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Fireman’s Relay is like a midpoint game between the Scavenger Hunt and a relay race. Like Scavenger Hunt, there are treasures to collect and it […]