Blind drawing game

Blind Drawing

December 14, 2016 mycoolteam 0

This game is similar to Homemade Pictionary except one of the player is blindfolded. This game is a fun icebreaker activity and great for team building. […]

Newspaper Tower Game

Newspaper Tower Game

December 13, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Newspaper towers is a simple, fun team building game in which participants in group compete against other group in building the largest towers with newspaper.  […]

Mannequin Challenge

Manequin Challenge

December 12, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Mannequin Challenge is originally a viral Internet video challenge trend that rose to popularity during 2016. During this challenge, the people remain frozen in action like […]

Pictionary a great icebreaker and team game

Homemade Pictionary

December 12, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Pictionary is a great team activity and a fun icebreaker for a new group. While pictionary cards can cost you money, Homemade Pictionary can be played […]

Fantastic Flags a great icebreaker and team building game

Fantastic Flags

December 11, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Ever watched Sheldon having Fun with Flags on the Big Bang theory? To be honest that is a primarily fun activity for geography nerds but […]