Circle Seats

Circle Seats is a great icebreaker and fun team building activity for kids but it can also be played by adults.


Group Size: 10-20

Time: 5-10 Minutes

Equipment: None

Effective Age Group: 6 and above

How to play Circle Seats?

  • The whole group stands in a circle.

    Gameplay of circle seats
    Game-play of circle seats
  • Now the players turn 90° clockwise so they face the backs of the person ahead of them.
  • The players now gradually move so as to reduce the size of the circle.
  • On signal from the facilitator, the players should now try to sit down on the knees of the person behind them.
  • Since circle was the initial shape of the arraignment, ideally the whole circle should be supported.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be sensitive about socio-cultural issues regarding the game.
  • Try not to put your whole weight on the knees of the person behind you as the player may wobble and lose balance.
  • Try to distribute the load thoroughly throughout the circle.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This game helps to improve your spatial awareness.
  • Circle Seats also helps to improve your balancing and weight distribution skills.