Cup Disguise

cup disguise

Cup disguise is an extremely fun party drinking game which is sure to get your drunk quickly. Make sure you are at the party to get drunk and you’ve no grudges against the quality of alcohol presented at the table.

Equipment Required

Plastic Shooter Cups (optimum number is 48+the number of players)

water, good vodka, schnapps, cheap rum, food coloring dye

Group Size: 5-20

How to play Cup Disguise?


  • Arrange 48 plastic shooters into 4 rows, each containing 12 cups.
  • Fill an entire row with water, next row with vodka, third row with schnapps and the forth with cheap rum. (Make sure they’re all transparent)
  • Now ask a random person to take three shots from each row and redistribute it among three other rows so that each row is now 9 shots of something, with a shot each of the other three liquids.
  • Now the person makes his way out of drinking room and is replaced by another person (who has no idea which row contains what) uses food coloring dye to color each row.
  • You end up with four rows each with different color. Now mix the colored shots randomly so you end up in a giant rainbow blob.


  • Everyone has a transparent cup and a D8.
  • At the start of each round, roll the die to select your color (e.g 1 and 2 for red , 3 and 4 for yellow and 5 and 6 for remaining color)
  • Roll the die again this time for a value.
  • Going around the table in turn order, each person can opt to either give their shot to someone with a lower value than theirs (if possible), or pour the shot into their own cup.
  • If the cup is not empty, the person needs to consume the drink in the cup first.
  • If you decide to give your shot shot to someone who already has a shot in their cup, you have to take the shot that is in their cup.


Everybody is trying to figure out which color corresponds to which drink but obviously the case is not so simple as some are colored wrong.  Pour awful things into your cup to defend yourself, or keep it friendly so you don’t end up drinking it yourself. Everybody dies.

This is the idea of redditor RadGrinArcher. Thanks for the cool idea.