Denmark Elephant

Denmark Elephant

Want a cool party game about the nuance of human psychology, you’ve got it. Denmark Elephant plays with your senses and makes you go ‘wow’ at the end.

It’s less of a game and more of a mentalism effect. This effect has plenty of alternative variations but ultimately, this game is about subtly narrowing the range of choices so that people make the exact same choices you are limiting them to.  This is done by selling people into the illusions of choices.

Check out the video below if you want to test the trick on yourself before learning the secret of the trick.

How to play Denmark Elephant?

  • Come up with a mathematical equation that ends up in 4.

The most common equation is asking the subject to choose any number between 0-9 and asking him to multiply it by 9. (example 3×9=27). Now ask them to add the digits of the answer (2+7=9). The trick here is any number multiplied by 9 will result in a two digit number whose sum of digits is 9. Like 2×9=18, 1+8=9; 4×9=36, 3+6=9 and so on. Moving on, ask them to subtract 5  from the number so that the result is always 4 (obviously 5 subtracted from 9 is always 4). 

  • Next, ask the subjects to assign a numeric value to each alphabets in a way; A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4…..
  • Ask the subjects to pick any alphabet, they will most likely choose 4 as their mind is still thinking about the previous question. 
  • Now ask them to name a country from their chosen alphabets.
  • Next, ask them to name an animal whose name starts from the next letter.
  • Now doing exaggerated gesture of a mind reader ask them why were they thinking about Elephants in Denmark?


  • The subjects are going to think choose the number 4 0n A=1, B=2 choice because their mind is still set on number four from previous equation.
  • On being given the choice of country they will most likely choose Denmark because there are not easier alternatives unless they they live in Djibouti or Dominican Republic)
  • On being given the choice of animals,  they will almost instantly opt in for Elephant. Though there  are multiple alternative options like Eagle, Elk or Elephus Maximus; people always go in for elephant because next easy alternative is a bird and people generally do not think about birds when they think about Elephants.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Be confident while doing this trick. Keep the people focused on what you’re saying; make their focus sway and their mind drifts to less likely alternatives.
  • This trick is only 90% effective so do not be discouraged if you do not get the desired outcome.


You can add variations like after making them think of a country, you can ask them to think of a city starting from the third letter of the country and ask them why were they thinking New York was in Denmark?

Have you tried this trick? Let us know your experience below in the comments.