15 Coolest Drinking Games That Can Be Played Without Cards

best drinking games without cards

There are variety of drinking games; those which can be played with dice, coins and cards. In case you do not have a deck of card available or you could do without, you can just as easily play these games.

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Explore 15 best drinking games without cards below:

Beer Pong

Beer Pong needs no introduction. It is probably the most sophisticated drinking game that can be played without cards. You’ll just need booze of your choice, drinking cups and plenty of ping pong balls. Divide the group into two teams and take turns trying to get your ping pong ball into the cups of the opponent team.

If the pong ball lands on opponent’s cup, s/he must empty the cup and if opponent slams pong ball into your glass, you must finish the beer in your cup.

Read more for detailed instruction and rules.

Battleshots Drinking Game

Battleshot drinking gameThis game is a rendition of the classic game battleship. Most of us played this game growing up and I am pretty sure we have fond memories of this game.

Battleshot is a modified version of battleship. In addition to destroying your opponent’s battleships, you can force them to take their shots every time their ship gets destroyed. Plus they must finish all of their drinks in case you are able to destroy all of their battleships.

Read more for detailed instruction and rules.

Mario Kart Drinking Game

Who does not like Mario Game? Majority of us grew up with this game and playing this game is like getting a one way ticket to the nostalgia lane.

If you are passionate about Mario, chances are you might have played Mario Kart game. A mario inspired go-kart game. This game is a twist in that game with alcohol, duh!! Like a normal race, you should complete the race first, but wait! before you complete your race, you must finish your beer too.

Read more for detailed instruction and rules.

Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga Drinking GameJenga Towers are fun to build and though you might not admit it, they are even more fun to destroy. Associate a rule with each jenga tile, build your jenga tower and try to destroy them using a single hand. But wait! there’s more to it, for every tower fallen, you must fulfil the rule written in the tile.

There is plenty of room for creative drinking too. You can associate your own rules to the tiles. Your inside jokes and jargons, all can end up in this game.

Read more for detailed instruction and rules.

Never Have I Ever

never have I everNever Have I Ever is a proper verbal drinking game that does not require any equipment to play, apart from alcohol of course.

This game is pretty simple to play. In your turn, you tell something that you’ve never done. If somebody in the group has already done that, they take their drink. If nobody has done it, you take the drink. Like most of the drinking games, this game too has high potential to get sexual.

Spice up your questions and try to know the deepest darkest secrets of your friends.

Read more for detailed instruction and rules.

Two Truths and a Lie

Two truths and a lieTwo Truths and a Lie is a versatile game, in a sense that it can be used as an icebreaker, a team building activity and even as a drinking game.

What happens is in your turn, you must state three facts about you at random. Two of these facts are ‘truth’ while the remaining one is a lie. Your group has to spot the lie from the facts. If they succeed in segregating the lie, you take a drink. But if you are able to deceive them, they should take their drinks.

Read more for detailed instruction and rules.

Quarters Drinking Game

Quarters Drinking GameQuarters drinking game is a very simple drinking game for parties and gatherings. Apart from some coins and alcoholic beverage of your choice, this game does not require anything.

The gameplay is pretty simple too. Put a cup with liquor in the middle of the table and try bouncing the quarter off the table into the cup. But wait!! there is a rule to every possible combination. You must either take your drink, pas your drink to someone, or force everybody to drink depending upon the outcome of coin bounce.

Read more for detailed instructions and rules.

Flip, Sip or Strip

Flip, Sip or strip is a drinking game about stripping and getting drunk.Flip, Sip or Strip is a drinking game that requires you to either strip articles of your clothing or make opponent remove theirs depending upon the outcome of a coin flip.

There are many variations to the game. The most common one is, if the coin lands on heads, you can pass the coin to next player but if it happens to land on tails, you must take your drink and strip an article of your clothing.

This is one of the best drinking games for young people. Be cautioned this game can turn sexual in the blink of an eye.

Read more for detailed instruction and rules.

Sixes Drinking Game

Sixes Drinking GameSixes is a dice based drinking game. Take six cups, fill four of them with alcohol and leave the remaining two empty. Number each cup from 1-6. On your turn roll the dice and pick yourself a number. If you pick a number with empty glass, you can fill the glass with as much booze you like and assign it to anyone you want. If you pick a glass with booze, you should simply consume the alcohol in the glass.

There are many variations to the game like experimenting with different alcohol, assigning a rule to each number etc.

Read more for detailed instructions and rules.

Buzz Drinking Game

Buzz Drinking Game is a basic counting drinking gameBuzz is  a cool drinking game that only requires basic counting skill. Unless you are mathematically impaired or plain stupid in general, you are going to absolutely adore this game.

Just start counting from any player in order but if your turn is on 7, you’ll have to say ‘buzz’ or you’ll have to take a drink. If you want to add variations, try this on prime number or associate animal sounds to the numbers.

Read more for detailed instruction and rules.

Edward 40 Hands

Edward 40 HandsEdward 40 Hands is not a game for people with weak bladders. This game is too simple and yet extremely efficient to get you stinking drunk in no time.

All you have to do is duct tape your hands with 40 oz alcohol (hence the name Edward 40 Hands). Since your hands are taped, you can not pick up your phone or get involved in any hand related activity for that matter. You can only release your hands after you’ve consumed all the alcohol from the bottles. Since phone calls are all but frequent, there is even bigger incentive to binge drink quickly.

Read More for detailed instructions and rules.

Flip Cup

Flip Cup is another drinking game that requires no additional equipment in addition to the booze of your choice and a paper cup.

First things first, divide the group into two teams of equal number. Put a table between them. Fill the cups with your favorite booze. First fill up the cups and provide both teams with an empty cup.

The player on his turn takes the beverage from the glass and drinks it, after drinking it, the player flips the empty cup and tries to make it land vertically. If he succeeds, the turn passes to next team. In case of failure, the player drinks another cup and goes again until he does it right. .

The first team to finish their drinks wins the game.

Read more for detailed instructions and rules.

Question Suffocation:

Question Suffocation is a simple verbal drinking game that requires no additional requirements. If you’ve watched the TV series Moments of Truth, you know what I am talking about.

Start from a generic questions like What’s your favorite color?, What’s your favorite holiday destination etc. Make the questions increasingly personal so that the other person gets uncomfortable and if the other person chooses not to answer the question, s/he must take a drink. The objective of the game is to suffocate the player into drinking.

Some sample personal questions can be:

Have you had sexual fantasy about your brother in law?

Have you cheated with your girlfriend while in a relationship? etc.

Remember these sort of games tend to sway towards sexuaity. So find a fitting group to play this game.

Drunk Pictionary

Drunk Pictionary is the modification of Homemade Pictionary. Except you add drinking to the rules. (How secretive right? well duh!)

Provide a secret word to the player and get a stop watch. Give him markers and a drawing board. The player without directly referring to the word, must draw it on the board to make other players understand. For every 30 seconds he can not make the group understand, he must take a shot. For example if it takes 3 minutes for the group to guess the word, the player must take six shots.

 I Drink and I Know Things

If you have watched game of thrones or read the book series, you’d know that Tyrion Lannister is a cool man. Arguably, his biggest trait is that he drinks and he knows things. Inspired from Tyrion, this drinking game has a touch of general knowledge in it.

On your turn, ask a random trivia question about a certain category. Go like: I drink and I know who assassinated John F Kennedy. If anybody in the group knows the name of the assassin, you should take a drink and if nobody does, everybody apart from you should take a drink. The turn passes after each trivia question.


Have you played any of these games? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.