Electric Pulse

The Electric Current game mimics the flow of electricity. Just like the electrical energy flows from one electron to other, the hand gestures are transferred from one person to other in a specific direction.

This game serves as an interesting icebreaker and a fun team building activity.


Equipment: A large round table is preferred but can be easily played on ground as well.

Group Size: 8-20

Time: 10-20 minutes

Effective Age Group: 8 and above

How to play Electric Pulse?

Game-play of the electric pulse.
Game-play of the electric pulse.Game-play Instructions:
  • Divide the players in two teams of equal size.
  • Each of the two teams stand in a line facing the other team as shown in figure to the right.
  • The lines should be at least 4-5 feet apart from each other.
  • The player of both teams now hold the hand with the members of their teams to form two long human chains.
  • At the end of two lines, a person (not a player) stands holding a different colored handkerchief in each hand.
  • The goal is to become the first team to get the handkerchief
  • The facilitator will watch the proceedings from other end.
  • Now all but two players (one from each team) who are closest to facilitator close their eyes.
  • The facilitator does a coin toss and if it’s a heads,  the two players to squeeze the hand of adjoining person as quickly as possible, the person now squeezes hand of the adjoining person (mimicking the flow of current).
  • The last player grabs handkerchief after his/her hand has been squeezed.
  • The first team to grab the handkerchief wins the round.

Key Takeaways:

  • If the coin toss flipped on tails and still a team grabs a handkerchief, point is awarded to the other team.
  • After each coin flip, pause for a few seconds and then go again.
  • Set a number of points which wins the game (like 10 or so)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Electric Pulse is a great ice breaker that challenges your decision making and adds panic factor to it.
  • This game helps to build co-operation among team members.
  • This game also sharpens the ability to promptly make correct decisions without being over zealous.