Expectation a great Icebreaker for meetings

The game Expectations is an interesting icebreaker at meetings and powerful team building activity for adults. It helps you learn the expectations of your colleagues and gives a deeper insight to their view of life.


Group Size: 6-20

Time: 15-30 minutes

Equipment: White Board and markers

Effective Age Group: 20 and above

How to play expectations?

  • Players are asked to introduce themselves.
  • Now they should write their names and their realistic predictions in a white board.
  • Just below the realistic predictions, the players also should write their wildest expectation.
  • Below the wildest expectation, the players also should write the outcomes if their wildest expectation becomes a reality.
  • Now the group discusses their expectations and whether they can be met. The group also takes turn explaining why the player may or may not be able to fulfill his wildest expectation.


Suppose you are at a salesmen meeting and you are playing this game with newly recruited salesmen. You ask them to introduce themselves and write their names, expectations and wild prediction at the white board.


Hello My name is Arnold, I want to sell a thousand beauty care product this week. My wildest expectation is to be able to sell a million products a month. If I am able to do that I can afford a nice beach house at Malibu. 

Now each member takes turns analyzing Arnold’s situation:

Hi Arnold, I am Andrea, I think you’re gonna have to slow down on your beach house because I don’t think you’ll be able to sell a million skin products in a month as there are only 100,000 people in this town.  

  • Now everybody takes turns telling the group about their expectations and the group gives their verdict.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try to keep the expectations specific.
  • Blatantly silly expectations adds humor to the activity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This game is a great ice breaker activity to get to learn about your peers.
  • Expectations also gives a deeper insights to your coworker’s idea of life, their hopes and expectations.
  • This game also is a good chance to analyze how good a fit the person is for your group.