Find the Missing Piece

The missing piece a great icebreaker for kids

Find the missing piece is extremely simple fun team building exercise for kids. The players have to figure out the missing piece of the puzzle.


Equipment: A pen and a paper

Time: 10-20 minutes

Group Size: 5-10

Effective Age Group: 6 and above

Game-play Instructions:

  • The facilitator prepares pieces of paper according to group size so that it is sufficiently enough for everybody in
    the group. The papers contains some common words which are split into two fragments.

For example:                   Pine                       Stop

                                          Watch                     Apple

  • Now each player grabs a paper and looks for a partner which complements the fragment of the word.
  • Once they have found their partner, they will be asked to introduce themselves to the group and have a chat between themselves.

Key Takeaways:

Only write the words which kids are familiar with. Ladybird or Honeydew are a good fit while avocado and pumpernickel not so much.

  • As a facilitator, keep a close eye on kids and make sure they are communicating well.
  • In case of large groups, split them into multiple small groups.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The kids get to know one another and likely to form an instant bond.
  • This game is also an opportunity for kids to increase their vocabulary.
  • The missing piece also helps kids learn valuable communication and cooperation skills.