Coin Flip, Sip or Strip

Flip, Sip or strip is a drinking game about stripping and getting drunk.

Flip and Strip is a cool drinking game that requires minimum resources but ensures interesting drinking mood. This game tends to be sexual in nature so brace yourself for that.

Equipment Required

Alcoholic Beverage of your choice, A coin.

Ideal Group Size: 2-5

How to play Flip and Strip?

  • Put cups in your table and pour alcoholic beverages in it.
  • Start with a random player and ask him/her to flip the coin.
  • If the coins turns heads, the player passes the coin to the right.
  • But if the coin lands on tails, the player should take shot from the cup in front of him/her and pass the coin to the left. In addition to taking the shot, the player also must remove one article from his/her clothing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Only play this game if you are uber familiar with your friends. We do not recommend this game as an icebreaker activity.
  • Even when played between the friends, make sure everybody is comfortable with the strip part. Bear in mind there may be a lot of cultural taboos involved.
  • Do not play this game with culturally sensitive group.


This game can also be played with a lot of variations. You can even make a variation of your own but the most common variation is:

  • Toss the coin and cover the coin immediately after landing.
  • Ask the adjoining person about the outcome.
  • If the person gets it right on the first try, s/he can pass it to another player.
  • If the person do not get it right, flip the coin again.
  • If the player gets it right this time, s/he can get away with stripping by answering a Never Have I Ever question. After answering the question the turn passes to another player.
  • If the player does not get it right even in 3 tries, s/he must empty the whole glass and remove an article from their clothing.