123 Fascinating Icebreaker Questions to “Break The Ice”

Meeting someone for first time could freeze the mind helplessly. You flounder just to find the right way to introduce yourself or keep the conversation flow right on the track.

The difficulty is evident with the sweaty palm, reddened face and tied up tongue. It is quite a task to not get stumped while pronouncing the commonest word. Yeah, that hurts!!!

But with good preparation and flexing the tongue-muscles in the pre-meeting hours, you could save yourselves from messing up the meeting spectacularly. Or with your ingenuity, drive the conversation to the topic you are comfortable to converse on.

This could help building the much-needed team spirit. Laugh or grin, that’s the sign of interacting comfortably.

Going through this list, you would find how funny and engaging atmosphere is manifest as you converse with strangers and even with the acquainted.  You would get to know their perspectives on some light-hearted issues.

Below are the list of some of my best culled icebreaker questions:

  1. What time of day will you associate yourself with? Sunrise, daylight, twilight, or night? Please share the reason for the pick.

  2. What’s your life motto?

  3. If you could meet someone magnificent from history, who would you choose? What will the significance of the meeting be?

  4. What are your five favourite foods?

  5. If you are stranded in the secluded island like Tom Hank’s character in the “Cast Away”, what are the three things you would like to possess?

  6. What item that you don’t have, would you like to have right now?

  7. What is the weirdest gift that you wish not to receive?

  8. What household chore you dislike the most?

  9. If you could learn any other language instantly, which language would you prefer and why?

  10. If you had time machine for a day, which historical moment will you witness?

  11. If you had 10 million dollars, what’s the first thing you buy?

  12. Name the fitness goal you made to shape up.

  13. What are your bucket list?

  14. If you could domesticate any wild animal and had power to make it your companion, which animal would you choose? Why?

  15. What is your favourite mythical creature of all time?

  16. If you were given any super ability, what would it be?

  17. If you could invite someone big from current time to have dinner with you, who would you invite? What would you talk to him?

  18. What is the naughtiest thing you ever pulled off in the school?

  19. Which sound jars your ears much?

  20. If you were given an opportunity to have a biopic made on your life, which actor/actress would you like to be “the reel you”?

  21. What is the first live concert you attended? Who possibly missed the moment?

  22. What’s the WTF fact you wish you could know at the earliest time?

  23. Favourite sandwich?

  24. Favourite brand of clothing?

  25. What is your favourite hobby? Who taught you or influenced you to practise it?

  26. What makes you laugh your heart out without fail?

  27. Describe your closet.

  28. Who used to bully you in high school? Have you heard about the person whereabouts?

  29. Elaborate a social cause you stood up for.

  30. What taste you prefer-sweet or salty?

  31. Normally you eat out or cook in?

  32. What’s the dish that you have gained so much mastery you think it will stupefy Chef James Gordon?

  33. Which item did you buy by scrimping and saving?

  34. When was the last moment you giggled inappropriately? What made you that?

  35. The year 2016 had highlighted your which aspects?

  36. If you had your own talk show, which celebrity would you invite in the pilot episode?

  37. What is in the trunk of your car right now?

  38. What is your favourite restaurant and why?

  39. What book influenced you thoroughly? How?

  40. What’s the first thing you miss after summing up the vacation trip?

  41. What’s the thing you always carry with you wherever you go?

  42. If you were to write a book about yourself, how would you choose the title?

  43. You would associate yourselves with which season? Why

  44. Which season you hate the most? Culling which part will grow your sympathy?

  45. Freelancing or permanent job?

  46. What dish would you serve to your crush whom you met after long time?

  47. What is the biggest amount you received from nowhere?

  48. What was the amount you won in the latest lottery win? Remember the lucky number?

  49. One fine morning, you woke up as different living species. Would you freak out or enjoy the moment?

  50. What is the longest vacation you had in the recent memory? Where did you go?

  51. If you were to change your habit, which habit would you like to disappear?

  52. If you were a chocolate, which chocolate would you be and why?

  53. If you were to choose an eye colour, which colour would you choose?

  54. Share with me your favourite moments/experience according to your recent memory.

  55. What dish do you think your grand mom cook superior to other’s grand mom? What was her secret recipe?

  56. What are the shortcuts you created that you wish everyone would benefit upon following them?

  57. What frights you the most?

  58. Presence of what or who nearby would make you feel secured?

  59. What would constitute a perfect time for you?

  60. If money were immaterial, who shall be the designer for you?

  61. Which songs had associated with your personal memories?

  62. What is that one thing done by people which you cannot tolerate?

  63. Which skill would you like to have if you could be mastered it without any practise?

  64. Name your life slogan.

  65. What used to be your worst vegetable during childhood? Don’t say it used to be broccoli.

  66. If you were given 25 hours in a day, you would spend the extra one hour by doing?

  67. What’s your worst nightmare?

  68. Whose tattoo will you place permanently? And which body part would you engrave it?

  69. What’s your dream job?

  70. What is the funniest prank you ever played on somebody?

  71. According to you, which country’ leaders are more inclined to democratic norms and principles?

  72. Who has given you the most treasurable gift? What was it? Why is it the most treasurable?

  73. Which world problem trouble you the most?

  74. According to you, what would create permanent peace in the world?

  75. What is the most valuable thing to you right now?

  76. What would be the acronym of your name? For example, if your name is Rita, its acronym could be Righteously Intelligent and Tactful Angel.

  77. You would buy which item while your ATM card were to be maxed out?

  78. Which chip flavour drools your appetite up?

  79. What kind of car do you drive?

  80. Who is the famous person you met recently? How could you meet him?

  81. What is your funniest revenge story with your siblings?

  82. Have you ever taken part on any reality show? If yes, share your experience. If no, are there any plans to do so?

  83. Which subject in the school used to cause boredom? Which used to pique the interest? Why?

  84. What would you choose- the Grammys or the Noble peace prize?

  85. Where would you love to retire?

  86. What’s your super strength? Things that you are proud of?

  87. What brings the child inside you?

  88. What was your childhood dream?

  89. Which artist music you like to listen the most?

  90. What’s unusual about your next door’s neighbours?

  91. What’s your idea of perfect life?

  92. What are you addicted to? Tea or coffee? Music or film?

  93. What’s pursue that you have not started till now, but wanted it badly from your earlier days?

  94. What’s your ever-green movie? How many time have you watched it till now?

  95. Which is that show you binge watched?

  96. What kind of music rhythm your heart beat up?

  97. Which childish behaviour never grows old on you?

  98. You could give away all the hard earned moments of solitude to pass with whom?

  99. If you were to eat a worm under duress, which worm would you pick and how would you cook it?

  100. If genie comes and grants you three wishes, what would your wishes be?

  101. Which historical conundrums or whodunits would you like to solve?

  102. What’s the most daring stunt you pulled off?

  103. Have you ever cross dressed? What was the experience like?

  104. What is more irritating- noisy neighbours or nosy neighbours?

  105. What is the New Year’s resolution that you are able to maintain till now?

  106. If you were to interview the God with just one question, what would you ask?

  107. What is your best performance during high school years? And what’s the worst?

  108. Share with me one truthful and one lied fact of your personality and I would like to find out which is which.

  109. According to you, what should be called as a fun?

  110. Which aspect of your personality you share with select few?

  111. Do you believe in extra-terrestrials or presence of life beyond the Earth? What made you so?

  112. What is the best recognition you received for your efforts?

  113. Who used to be your childhood hero?

  114. Do you have any weird habit that no one knows?

  115. What attracts your attention while seeing someone first time?

  116. How do you de-stress yourself?

  117. If you were to participate in the Olympics, which sport would you play to win a medal for your country?

  118. What is the one event that caused leap of faith in you?

  119. What consumes most of your time?

  120. What qualities do you look in people before befriending with them strongly?

  121. Who is the greatest source of inspiration from your family? Why?

  122. Whom would you like to call to give you the bail money?

  123. What is the most expensive gift that you ever received?