Game of Thrones Drinking Game

game of thrones drinking game
Drink Up like Tyrion

Game of Thrones is the most popular TV show of this generation and if are a fan of the show, you’ll understand why. Nudity and gore are a common thing in Game of thrones but the fact that there are many references to drinking games which simply goes overlooked. 

How about we turn our whole GoT experience into a drinking game? This game does exactly that. Playing this game will surely make your GoT time whol a lot different. 

Equipment Required: 

A medium to watch Game of Thrones (TV or Internet) 

Alcoholic Beverage of your choice. 

How to play Game of Thrones Drinking Game?

  • Gather around the screen where Game of Thrones is being screened. 
  • Pour your booze into individual cups and place it in front of the participants. 
  • Depending upon the rules written below (you can just as easily add or reduce any rules as per your liking), you should take your drinks. 


  • It is a common norm to get the first drink together. So whenever you hear the GoT music, everybody takes a drink.
  • Whenever white walkers are seen, take a drink. 
  • Whenever Daenerys Targareyn is shown, everyone with blonde hair take their drinks. 
  • For the first time Tyrion Lannister is shown, people with short heights (5’10 and lower) take their drinks. 
  • When Jon Snow appears for the first time, everybody with long hair take their drinks. 
  • Whenever Sansa Stark cries, guys vote a girl and she has to drink. 
  • For the first time Arya Stark appears, ladies drink two shots (to show their lady power like the Stark girl) 
  • Whenever a full frontal nudity of a woman is shown, guys take their drink.
  • Whenever a full frontal nudity of a man is shown, girls take their drink.
  • In case of a full sex scene, participants can voluntarily do a waterfall. 
  • For the first time Cersei Lannister appears, take half of your drink. (Depicting the shame she was put through). 
  • Every time Jamie Lannister appears, make a drink and pass it to the ladies. 

There is also a drinking game on Tyrion’s famous lines, I drink and I know things. 

Alternately, you can create your own rules, like this Tumblr user Loser Kid 520


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