Guess What?

Guess What

Guess What? is an extremely fun ice-breaking activity for adults. This game is about speculating a certain number a person has in mind and trying to come close to the initial guess of the player.


Equipment: None

Time: 5 minutes

Group Size: 3 people

Effective Age Group: 15 and above

How to play Guess What?

  • Prepare questions that results in numbers as answers. Like How many boyfriend June has?  or How many times has our boss visited Europe?. Fold the papers with questions and put it in a box
  • Among three one person chooses one of the question and writes his answer. Remember right answer is not important here. The player just writes down number he thinks is the answer.
  • The remaining two take turns guessing the number until they can find a common window,  A sample conversation can be:

Suppose A, B and C are playing Guess What? and C is asked to guess the number of boyfriends Jane (their friend) has had.

C makes an immediate guess of 7 and writes it down in paper. 

A and B now take turns guessing it and try to find a common window. 

A will say something like: I don’t think Jane has had so many boyfriends, she is a shy girl. It must be less than 5. 

B will say something like: Come On A, for god’s sake she is 28 years old, she must have had like 9 boyfriends. 

Here the window can be agreed on: Less than 5 for A and more than 5 for B as it satisfies them both. 

Now once the window has been agreed, C reveals his answer and the guess closest to C wins the round. In this case B wins, because 7 is more than 5. 

  • One point is awarded for every closest guess.
  • Now A and B take turns making authority guesses (first guess and writing it on paper).
  • The player with maximum number of points wins the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Remember the actual answer is irrelevant. Number of boyfriend Jane has does not matter, what matter is the authority guess (first players guess) on the number of boyfriend Jane had.
  • Make questions that do not have definite answers and are fun to guess. Like, how many times has Jake’s mother asked him to clean his room.
  • In case of window being the answer, it’s a tie. In above example, if both players choose the window less than 7 and more than 7; it’s a tie.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Guess What helps to analyze the perspective of your peers so it’s no surprise it serves as a great icebreaker activity.
  • This game also helps to boost your memory as you need to memorize certain events from past.
  • This game also helps to improve awareness and attention to details.