15 Coolest Icebreakers Specifically for Kids

icebreakers for children

Kids are naturally outgoing. They will bond easily with each other but the problem is they are so spontaneous. You’d want your kids to bond with everyone but once kids get on with their little crew, it’s natural for them not to gel with everyone in their classroom. That’s where these icebreakers come in handy. Icebreakers help kids to explore the diversity in their group and make connections with everyone.

We have listed 15 coolest icebreakers specifically for kids. Explore them below

 Big Wind Blows

Effective Age Group: 8+

A randomly chosen player starts the proceeding by saying “Big Wind Blows for everyone who……. and completes the sentence by adding characters-tics that resemble one or more person in the group.

For example: Big Wind Blows for everyone who can eat a whole apple pie. 

Now all players who can eat a whole apple pie stand up and find vacant chairs at least two steps away from them. The player who are unable to find the chair now comes to center stage and start their own version of ‘Big Wind Blows’. Additionally, you can also eliminate the player like musical chair.

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Line Up

Line up an ice breaker game about forming linesEffective Age Group: 6+

A randomly chosen ‘leader’ instructs the rest of the group to line themselves according to most hilarious constraints. The rest of the group must follow the instructions in complete silence.  Everybody takes their turns being the leader and giving off witty instructions.

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Fantastic Flags

Fantastic Flags a great icebreaker and team building gameEffective Age Group: 7+

Providing ample artistic materials (pens, papers, coloring pads etc.) ask the kids to draw a flag that best resembles the group. Give them artistic freedom (Do not limit them to traditional flags). Have kids discuss about the flags they’ve drawn and award the best looking one.

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Tell Us about yourselvesThe icebreaker tell us about yourselves

Effective Age Group: 4-10

This icebreaker involves the sweetest thing kids absolutely adore: Candies. From a jar full of candies, ask kids to draw as many as they can. But here’s the sweet twist, they must tell as many things about themselves as the number of candies they’ve drawn.

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Find The Missing Piece

The missing piece a great icebreaker for kidsEffective Age Group: 6+

Prepare common two words in a word, like Pineapple, ladybird etc. Split the words into two fragments. Now jumble up the fragments and distribute each fragment to a kid. The kids now must find other player with the fragment corresponding to their’s and complete the word. After they have found their partners, ask them to have a chat and introduce themselves to the group.

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Electric Pulse

Effective Age Group: 8+

Have two teams compete against each other to form a wave of human hands and to grab the handkerchief at the end of the row. But here’s the twist: they must do it when the facilitator gets ‘Heads’ on the coin toss. Award 1 point on successful handkerchief grab and penalize on faulty grabs (when facilitator gets tails on coin toss).

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Effective Age Group: 4-8

Kids love making noise and if you give them that freedom, something special is surely going to happen. Cacophony is a really simple icebreaker about making random noise. Gather kids in a circle. A kid starts the proceeding by making a random noise. He then squeezes the hand of the participant next to him. The person whose hand just got squeezed mimics the first person while squeezing the hands of the kid next to him.

Now you have a chorus of incoherent sounds. Continue this process goes on until the hands of the first person gets squeezed. Now the first person silences immediately and he squeezes the person next to him, the next person also now should go silent. Continue this process until everybody is silent.

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Did You see it?

Effective Age Group: 6+

Think about it, how many times do kids remember what flower is flowering over the school gate? or what is the color of School Canteen floor? This icebreaker does exactly this. Ask the kids questions about overlooked things or even have them discuss about what small details they remember about school or their homes.

Read More for detailed Instructions on how to play Did you see it?

Are We any Different

Are we any different is an ice breaker activity that is about spotting the differences.Effective Age Group: 6+

Are we any different is a real life animation of the classic game ‘spot the difference’. Two competing teams take turns trying to fool each other with the help of props. They can wear a different sock, a different tie, comb their hair differently etc. all in a bid to fool the team trying to spot the difference.

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Who am I?

Who am I--A great icebreaker for kids

Effective Age Group: 4+

Who am I is more like a kid version of 20 questions. It is a great introductory icebreaker for kids; especially for the shy one’s. Ask kids to describe themselves in 4-5 sentences (without telling their names of course). Record their statements, play the records one by one in front of the group (Use voice changing software if possible). Now ask the kids to guess whose record they’re listening to.

Read More about detailed Instructions on how to play Who am I?

Human Spelling

Effective Age Group: 6+

Human Spelling is one of the most basic icebreaker for kids out there. This game is all about using your body to describe yourself and works the best if the kids are not familiar with each other. The player can only use his body to describe his name. Using different body postures he creates different alphabets included in his name and the rest of the kids take turns guessing the alphabets and thereby his name.  In case the kids know each other’s names, you can do it with common words.

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 Alien, Tiger, Cow

Alien, Tiger, Cow a team building game for kidsEffective Age Group: 6-12

Alien, Tiger, Game is a simple icebreaker for kids. This game is all about impersonation so be ready for some healthy giggles. Gather kids in a circle and ask each of them to choose either of alien, tiger or a cow to impersonate.

If a kid choose alien, he holds his index fingers up next to your head as little antenna`s and say `Bleeb bleeb`, bending inwards into the circle. If he chooses tiger, he pushes his hands shows his claw imitating the claws of tiger. If he chooses cow, he puts his hands on his tummy and goes ‘mooooooooo’. The ideal world in this game is for everybody to choose the same animal. Repeat this process until everybody is the same.

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The Human Knot

Effective Age Group: 6+

The human knot is an extremely simple icebreaker to practice but that does not make it any less effective. Gather kids round in a circle and ask them to hold the hands of random person so every hand in the group is connected to a random hand. Now ask them to untangle themselves from the seemingly complicated network of hands.  Easier said than played, this game bolsters communication and team effort in kids.

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Chubby Bunny

Effective Age Group: 6+

Chubby Bunny is a great icebreaker and a fun recreational activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is extremely effective for children to help ‘break’ the ice plus they get to eat marshmallows which they love more than anything. The participants stuff marshmallows in their mouth and utter the words Chubby Bunny while the marshmallow is still in their mouth. The trick is simply to add more and more marshmallows in their mouth until it’s virtually impossible for them to utter any word.

My Teddy

Effective Age Group: 4-12

Sample template for my teddy.

My Teddy is a very simple icebreaker activity for kids which helps them explore their artistic potential. Supply each kid with a black and white picture of a Teddy Bear and ask them to fill the color as they like. After everybody is done filling their teddies with paints. Ask them to review each other’s drawing and tell the group what they like/dislike about the picture.

Read More about detailed instructions on how to play My Teddy.

My Favorite Things

Effective Age Group: 5+

Sample Template for my favorite thing

Create a sample template (like the one in the picture)  consisting of boxes in which children should fill their favorite thing. Each box is designated to a category, like favorite food, favorite animals etc.

After each kid has filled their sheet, take the sheets and shuffle them and redistribute it to kids randomly. The kids now must guess whose paper they are watching. Award one point for correct guess.

The kid with maximum number of points wins the game.


 How do you like our list? Do you think we missed anything? Please let us know in the comments below.