Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga drinking game is similar to Kings Drinking Game, except it is played with Jenga cards instead of regular cards. This game will get you wasted in no time. Each jenga card has a rule assigned to it and the game ends when the jenga tower is completely destroyed.

This game is a perfect drinking game for small group and dates.

Equipment Required:

1 Jenga set

Alcoholic Beverage of your choice,

A marker to write rules on your tiles.

Jenga Drinking Game rules:

  • Isolate each of 54 jenga blocks.
  • Take a marker and write rules on each of jenga tiles.
  • Build a jenga tile.
  • Now each player takes turns to remove the tile but while doing so they must use their one hand only.
  • If the player becomes successful in removing the tile without knocking over the tile, you must follow the rules in the tile. If the tower falls, the game is over.

Jenga Drinking Game Block Ideas:

You can assign below rules to jenga tiles.

Truths and LiesTwo Truths and a lie

A toast to: Assign your drink to any player.

It’s hot in here: Remove one of your clothes.

Million dollar Jenga: Give one person $1,000,000 or give them 4 drinks.

Have a cocktail: Make a cocktail using the drinks in the party.

Standing Slim Shady: The player has to stand for the remaining time in the party.

Jenga Waterfall: Should drink a waterfall.

You ain’t normal: The tallest/shortest person drinks.

Disgusting Jenga: Lick the carpet.

Foreign Jenga: Talk in Japanese accent for the rest of the game.

Western Jenga: Person with mustache takes his drink.

Mademoiselle: Ladies wearing hats take their drink.

AntiSanta: Sit in the lap of the person across from you for one round.

Jenga Swap: Swap your tops with opposite sex.

Ooh naughty Jenga: Drink if you had sex in your boss’s table. Two drinks if it was a working day.

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