Jeopardy a verbally witty game

The idea for the game Jeopardy was first conceived by legendary American television host, musician, singer, actor, and media mogul Merv Griffin. He introduced this ideas in a Quiz show. The theme was much related to General knowledge back then.

But this game can be equally exceptional team building activity with much light hearted questions between your peers.

Jeopardy is all about verbal wit and performance. It’s about back tracking up to the point of origin.


Group Size: 5-10

Equipment: Pen/paper

Time: 20-30 mins

Effective Age Group: 12 and above

How to play Jeopardy?

  • One of the players is taken to other room where s/he cannot hear other players having a conversation.
  • The other players then prepare a list of question that they ask to each other. Like what is the color of Orange? Or what country lies next to Russia?
  • Now bring the initial player from seclusion and tell him the answers but he should be able come up with the question.
  • This game can just be played for fun or you can decide the winner by the largest number of correct or near about question guesses.
  • This game is obviously difficult if you pursue it from an intellectual view point but that should not concern you. Trust me it would be loads of fun if your friend Thinks Turkey (the country next to Russia) is a part of thanksgiving dinner.

Below is the video of people playing jeopardy on TV

Key Takeaways:

  • Try to make answers as unyielding as possible.
  • Try to think of answers that can beget multiple questions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This game helps to build up your power of logical deductions
  • It also helps your imagination as you are imagining the scenarios.
  • Jeopardy also helps in analyzing the perspectives of your friends and colleagues.
  • It helps in verbal-visual communication as they are the easiest to be confused with.