Kings Drinking Game

Kings card game.

Kings Drinking Game is probably the most popular card drinking game.  Each card is associated with an activity related to drinking and when the card is drawn, the player who draws the card must fulfil the activity.


Equipment: 52 Deck Cards, Alcoholic Beverages

Set Up

A player, in his turn draws a random card from well shuffled deck. There is a specific association to the card and the drawer must do the activity associated with the game.

Kings Drinking Game Rules:

Below is a list of common card associations during Kings:

  • Ace: Waterfall – All players must start drinking instantly and no one stops until the player before them does
  • 2: If you draw 2, you must take your drink.
  • 3: If you draw 3, you can assign drink to one person
  • 4: (pronounced as Floor): You shout floor and everybody should start sitting on the floor, the last one to do takes his drink.
  • 5: (Pronounced as guys), if you draw 5, shout guys and all guys take their shot
  • 6: (Pronounced as chicks), you shout ‘chicks’ and all ladies take their shot.
  • 7: (pronounced as ‘Heaven‘, All players point their drink towards the sky and take their shot.
  • 8: (Pronounced as Mate): Choose your mate and share your drink.
  • 9: (pronounced as Rhyme), start a poetic sounding phrase and everybody should say phrases that rhymes to the phrase you said.
  • 10:  Ch00se any category you want and say something from that category then everyone goes around and says something that fits in the category. Some good examples are liquor type, sex positions etc. If someone fails to say anything in that category, he has to drink.
  • Jack: If you draw Jack, this game transitions into Never Have I Ever; basically what you do is put three or more of your fingers down on the table and say something you’ve never done in the format ‘Never have I ever peed from terrace’ or something like that. Anyone who has done the thing you mentioned at some point in his life is allowed to rest his finger while the others will have to pull their fingers out. The first person with all his fingers withdrawn loses and has to consume his glass.
  • Queen: If you draw queen, you can ask a random question to another player; these questions can also be personal. If the player answers clearly, you drink, If he refuses to answer, he drinks.
  • King: Ruler (If you draw Kings, you can make your own rules like dodging your drink or assigning drinks to other people or taking their drinks. You also have royal power of twisting rule of all numbered cards from 2-10.

Key Takeaways:

While assigning your own rules, assign vital rules to higher cards, i.e A, J, Q and K.

Have you played Kings? How was your experience? Please let us know in the comments below.