Knife Baby Wolf

Knife Baby Wolf is a fun team building activity that uses a lot of pantomiming, i.e to represent something with an exaggerated gesture. It is extremely fun and often hard to catch a breath when the game is on full flow.


Time: 15-20

Equipment: None

Group Size: 5-10

Game-play Instructions

  • All the players gather and sit in a circle (standing is even better)
  • First a random person starts by pantomiming throwing a knife in Ninja-esque fashion.
  • The person should have the eye contact with the person he is throwing the knife to and the receiver should be fully aware he is receiving a knife.
  • The receiver then catches the knife and throws it to a random person.
  • Another random person now pantomimes tossing a baby to other player and the other player must catch the baby.
  • After the baby and knife are up and running, it’s high time to introduce a wolf in the game.
  • The throws should be continuous, preferably without a pause.Here are the rules:
  1. Every successful pass of baby is awarded one point for baby safe keeping.
  2. If the player pretending to throw the knife hits a player supposed to catch a baby, s/he is penalized 1 points for jeopardizing the life of a child.
  3. If the player pretending to throw the baby throws it to the person supposed to catch a wolf, s/he is penalized 1 points as well.
  4. If the player pretending to throw a knife throws the hypothetical knife to a person supposed to catch the wolf, he is awarded 2 points for wolf hunting.
  5. The throws should be should be continuous.
  6. In case there is random throw without eye contact, the receiving player can choose to disavow it.

Key Takeaways

  • Try making funniest sound possible while throwing the baby or the wolf.
  • Try hitting as many wolves as possible.
  • Change your intended player if you see s/he has a baby in his/her lap.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This game is about pantomiming so your theatrical skills should certainly see a boost.
  • Knife, Baby, Wolf is also about decision making so brace yourselves for moments of intense decision making or being accused of infanticide.
  • This game helps to boost awareness as the players should be fully aware of what other players have in their hands.