Line Up

Line up an ice breaker game about forming lines

Line Up is a fun filled ice breaker that is exclusively suitable for larger groups. Line Up is a extremely simple team building activity that breaks up the monotony of the meet up and helps  the group members to know each other.


Equipment: None

Time: 10-20 minutes

Group Size: 10-20

Effective Age Group: 6 and above.

Game-play Instructions:

  • A leader is selected among the group members.
  • The leader now gives the instructions for the group to line up in a particular order.
  • The group must follow their leader but they must form the line in complete silence. They are not allowed o talk with each other, but can use non verbal communications to form the line as per the instructions of the leader.
  • When the lining up is completed, all the group members should clap in unison to denote the leader they have completed their task.
  • The game ends when everybody takes turns being the leader of the group and giving off witty instructions.

Key Takeaways:

The leader can ask the group to invent their own method of letting him know their line is ready. Like everybody coughing in unison or everybody kicking the floor at the same time. Humming a tune or raising hands works perfectly fine as well.

Some Suggestions for Line Formation:

Some common suggestions for leader to line up his groups are

  1. Line up according to shoe size from the largest to the smallest
  2. Line up by family names in alphabetical order.
  3. Line up by the number of siblings you have from lowest to highest.
  4. Line up by number of people you have broken up with etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • You can know the intricate personal details of your colleagues.
  • This game  gives a sneak peek into the lifestyle of your peers.
  • Line Up also helps to improve communication between your group.
  • It also increases co-operation between group members through non verbal communications.