Manequin Challenge

Mannequin Challenge

Mannequin Challenge is originally a viral Internet video challenge trend that rose to popularity during 2016. During this challenge, the people remain frozen in action like Mannequins (Dummies or dolls)  when a moving camera films them. It was practiced by millions of people including movie stars and sportsmen.

Mannequin Challenge can also be used as an ice breaker or a team building activity with both kids and adults.

Mannequin Challenge works the best when the situation is mundane like in a playground where everybody is jogging or in a office where everybody is doing their own work.  It helps to lighten the mood and creates an aura of ease and light embezzlement.

Checkout these amazing 20 mannequin challenges:



Equipment: None

Group Size: 5-15

Time: 2-5 minutes

Effective Age Group: 8 and above

How to play Mannequin Challenge?

A random person suddenly stops while doing his normal work (like while walking between his work space and office). He temporarily is a mannequin now. Everybody who sees the mannequin must themselves behave as a mannequin i.e take a break from what they are doing and stay frozen. Now the person who started the challenge walks around the space observing every mannequin and after he is done he tells the participants to un-freeze

Key Takeaways:

  • It goes without saying but do not perform Mannequin Challenge in difficult scenarios like when in top of building or with dangerous objects nearby.
  • You can add the rules and eliminate the last person to become a mannequin and the last one standing wins the challenge.
  • You can also arrange mannequin contest assigning a theme like an office or a sport and the best, most creative concept wins.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This is game is  about spontaneity and synchronization. It also gives a lesson or two about symmetry and patterns.
  • This challenge trains on our reflexes and our ability to quickly take the decisions.
  • Mannequin Challenge is a creative exercise when done in a theme.