Mario Kart Drinking Game

Mario Kart Drinking Game

Mario Kart is a Go Kart themed racing video games developed by Nintendo. After being launched in 1992, this game has hit massive commercial and critical success. Mario Kart Drinking Game is a rendition of Mario Kart game with alcohol.

Equipment: A Pack of cheap Beer, Any Generation of Mario Kart (Nintendo X64 is the best)

Group Size: 2-4 players.

Let’splay have a cool video on Mario Kart Drinking game, check it out.

How to play the Mario Kart Drinking Game?

  • Pick your character and get started with the video game.
  • When the race is about to begin, crack open your beer can (or bottle).
  • As any race, the first player to cross the finish line wins the game. But here’s the twist: You must finish your beer before you finish the race.
  • Another rule is as you are taking sips from your beer mid game, you cart must be at full rest because even the mighty Mario can not drink and drive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Settle your case on being Yoshi. There is going to be a lot of arguments. Trust me.
  • Chug as much alcohol as you can in the beginning of the game. This will help you a lot in the later stages.

Mashable suggests extra fun rules to the game.


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