Marooned Icebreaker Game

Marooned is a great icebreaker activity for adults (especially for offices) and a warm team building exercise.  This game is about making life easier while being trapped in a remote desolate island.


Equipment: Pen, Paper

Group Size: 5-20

Time: 20-30 minutes

Effective Age Group: 15 and above

Game-play Instructions:

  • Imagine the situation of a total shipwreck and your group are the sole survivor but unfortunately you have been left stranded on a remote island.
  • Ask every member of the group to think of one item they would have brought with them if they knew they were going to suffer this fate.
  • Note that the item need not be realistic. If you love dancing, you can easily opt in for a pair of dancing shoes or if you love animals, you might as well choose a grumpy cat.
  • Now each person is asked what they would have brought with them and why.
  • Now the team building portion follows. Divide the players into multiple small groups and ask them to combine their items with each other to increase their chances of survival.

Like: If ‘A’ has thought of a guitar and ‘B’ has thought of a match stick, they can burn the guitar and barbecue wild rabbits to survive until the rescue team arrives for help. 

  • If you wish, you can award the team with the most creative response.


  • Make sure the survival instinct is as realistic as it gets and not some silly notion. Let’s be honest,  your jogging shoe and harmonica will not help you survive in the wild.
  • Think of ways how you can survive with each other’s items. Be creative in your thought process.

Learning Outcomes:

  • This game helps brain storming ideas as teams embark on a relentless pursuit of survival.
  • Marooned also helps to build of a sense of cooperation among the team.
  • This game also aids for better communication between teams.