Member Berries

Member Berries- A game about nostalgia

Member Berries is an ice breaking activity themed around nostalgia and memory. This game is inspired from South Park’s character ‘member berries’ which are essentially talking grapes reminding people of the memories from past.

Watch the video below if you don’t know about Member Berries. You’ll love them.


Equipment: 15-30 coins of different dates

Time: 10-15 minutes

Group size: 5-10

Effective Age Group: 18 and above

How to play Member Berries?

  • A player inserts his hand into the jar and takes out a random coin.
  • The player now looks at the date and thinks of a fond memory of that time.
  • He shares his memory with group imitating the member berries.

For example, if the coin is 1977, the player would go like: ‘Oooh 1974member star wars?’Member Berries

  • Now the rest of the players will think of the times they were in that date and try to remember the event described.
  • If they remembered the events, they can simply go like “OOh Star Wars!! I member”  and then add their details regarding the event.

Like “Member how we used to buy black Cinema tickets?”

  • The players who remembered will now say “ooh!! I member”  and add their own memories.
  • The game stops when no one ‘members’ the memories of the initial person.
  • Each player takes their turns to draw the coin and describe what they ‘member’ from their past.

Key Takeaways:

  • After few generic memories of the year, try to describe more specific memories.

like: ‘Oooh 1974member star wars?’

OOh Star Wars!! I member,  Member how we used to buy black Cinema tickets?
“Ooh! I member!! Member how George Lucas was nominated for Oscar” 

  • Notice that first two are generic memory of that time while third one is a rather specific memory.
  • While saying “I member”, try to feel your past. How much you loved it then and think of even more interesting thing you used to do and add it to the chain of memories.

Learning Outcomes

  • Member Berries is a fun icebreaker activity that will help you bond with your peers.
  • Member Berries is a trip to nostalgia lane through the fragments of memories from the past.
  • This game easily brings like minded people together as they are likely to ‘member’ things in a similar way.