Minefield Team Building Game

Minefield is a great team building activity which works equally well with both teens and adults. The players must navigate their way to safety amid many potential dangerous mines that lay randomly across the battle ground.


Equipment: Several small harmless objects to be used as mines (plastic cones for example), blindfolds, a big outdoor space or a wide indoor.

Group Size: 6-15

Time: 20-30 minutes

Effective Age Group: 8 and above

How to play the minefield?:

  • Find a spacious space indoors or outdoors, that will serve as a battleground.}
  • Lay the plastic cones across the battle ground.
  • Divide the team into pairs.
  • Set a start point and a finish point.
  • One player in the pair is blindfolded and s/he can not talk. The other player must instruct the blindfolded player to the finish line. But he must do so without stepping into any of the mine that lays scattered into the floor.
  • The pair to complete the task fastest will be declared the winner.

Watch these ladies showing us how it’s done:

Key Takeaways:

  • Do not represent mines with sharp objects. You would not want anybody to get hurt.
  • Choose a wide space so that players do not come into way of potentially dangerous obstructions like a concrete wall or a tree.
  • Penalize the blindfolded player if he touches the mines. The penalty may be a time delay or the other player should remain mute for a certain period of time.
  • Encourage the players to develop their own communication methods.
  • The players may also swap the roles and the cumulative time of race completion is taken into account.
  • You may also choose to review how effective your game was with the help of debrief questions below:

Possible debrief questions

  1. How much did you trust your partner (out of 10) at the start?
  2. How much did you trust your partner (out of 10) at the end?
  3. What is the difference between going alone and being guided by another?
  4. What ingredients are needed when trusting and working with someone else?
  5. What did your partner do to help you feel safe and secure?
  6. What could your partner have done to help make you feel more safe/secure?
  7. What communication strategies worked best?

Learning Outcomes:

  • This game helps to build trust between the pair.
  • Minefield also aids to a better communication between the team.
  • The skill to give off instruction is also thoroughly tested by minefield.