5 Coolest Motivational Gifts for your Coworkers and Employees

5 coolest motivational gifts

Imagine the energy a motivated individual brings to your group. Motivated people handle uncertainties more eloquently and are efficient at problem solving. Motivated people are also better innovators and great at improvising.

Gifts are a cute symbol of appreciation. Determining the item which will make him the recipient happiest is an emotional lift in itself.

We have summed up 5 of the best motivational gifts you can give to your employees, coworkers and colleagues to help them stay motivated to their purpose.

Explore the 5 coolest motivational gifts below:

Destiny Stones

Destiny stones is a set of six effervescent stones. Each of these stone is imprinted with encouraging messages about life.

The colors are natural and vivid. The splash of  all the lucid colors add an aura of vibrancy to the stones. These stones are so adorable and you can barely keep your eye off them if they are within your line of vision. This help us to ward off our negative thoughts since we are concentrating in the positive messages within the stones. This is largely helpful when we are bored or seized by slowly flourishing claustrophobia within our room walls.

These stones are also great decoration to your tables, shelfs and dining places. These stones with adequate environment bring out the placid ambience in the place and eases your mood.

This is a great motivational gift for your employees and coworkers. You can also gift these destiny stones to your spouse appreciating the positive energy s/he has brought in your lives.

Price: $13.99

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Thumbs Up pen

It’s silly! absurd! and borderline cartoonish. But you know what? this is a very effective gift to inspire motivation from your partners.

You’ll surely see a healthy giggle when the receiver lays his eyes on the gift for the first time and when he’ll subconsciously take his pen out of his pocket to do mundane works, chances are he’ll run that memory in his mind and be appreciative of the gift.

Kids will love this pen as it is an obviously more colorful alternative to their dull school pens . You can also provide this pen as a competition prize.  You can also gift this pen to your staffs to show them your appreciation for their work.

Price: $10.29

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Motivational Wall Calendars

It is a  truth that we’re in a way the prisoners of time but it’s not depressing or anything. It’s just the way it is. Calendars mark up the changes in our lives. The calendars are often deemed boring by people and most of the people barely notice them on their walls until the dates look way out of place. 

The motivational calendar has one inspirational picture quote per month. So it’s the first thing you are going to notice at the turn of the months. This will help you instill a clear vision about what you want to do for the month. These calendars also will help you keeping up the existing motivation you have and add a feeling of determinacy on your thoughts. 

You are going to love the watercolors behind the words which makes the words even more powerful. This is a great gift to give to your employees and co-workers to help them stay motivated for great lenghts of time. 

Price: $12.16

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Rubik’s Cube with motivational quotes

Rubik’s Cube is a great memory puzzle and often much hyped when it comes to difficulty. It’s difficulty is so much exaggerated that people even keep it on their bucket list. But it’s not really that hard, I learnt a 3*3 rubik in just 2 days. I was so motivated by it that I instantly bought a 4*4 cube and learnt it.

Now imagine solving a rubik’s cube filled with motivational messages. That in itself is a greater motivation to solve the cube and the outcomes are really inspiring and you’d want to keep on doing it. 

These cubes are also really beginner friendly. Not just the face but some rows also arrange themselves into powerful inspirational messages. 

This is a great gift for teachers, executives, leaders and your colleagues with a penchant for creativity and problem solving. 

Price: $12.99

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Motivational Pillow Linens

It’s not a secret that the environment we live in largely affects our motivation. We are inspired by people around us, the places our mind finds solace in and things we love. 

Motivational Pillows are effective because pillows are the last things we see in the night and the first thing in the morning which are the origins of the whole motivation conundrum. Putting the inspirational messages in the pillows is a great way to embed the message in our subconscious brain. We all know the power of subconscious brain when it comes to motivation

You can gift these pillows to your office coworkers, colleagues, children and pals. In addition to helping your mates stay motivated, these pillows cases also serve a great decoration for your couch and sofas. 

Price: $7.99

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Motivation is a choice. More than anything it’s the momentum of the will power and positive state of mind. You can gift these things to your peers and inspire them to stay motivated to their cause.

Anymore idea for a motivational gift? Let us know in the comments below.