Never Have I Ever

never have I ever

Never Have I ever, also sometimes referred as ‘Ten Fingers’ or ‘I’ve Never’ is one of the most popular verbal drinking game where the participants take their drink or skip their drink in liaison with the fact being presented.


Alcoholic Beverages.

Never Have I Ever Rules

  • Players gather round in a circle with shots in front of everybody. Choose a random person to go first. The person starts the sentence with Never Have I Ever and adds something he’s never done.
  • For example: Never Have I Ever Kissed Someone on first date.
  • Now the participants who have kissed someone on their first date must take their drink.
  • Sometimes people play this game with an additional rule. If there’s no one to take the drink after being asked the questions then the person to ask the question must take the drink.
  • There is another fun variation of this game that involves laying your ten fingers on the table and putting one down whenever something mentioned has been already done by you. The players putting all of their fingers down must take successive drinks.

Some Common Never have I ever Questions:

  • Never Have I ever smoked weed.
  • Never have I ever been asked by police.
  • Never have I ever fallen asleep in the cinema.
  • Never have I ever watched a chick flick alone.

Key Takeaways:

  • As is the case with most drinking games, this game also tends to be sexual in nature. To bring out the best out of your peers and dig into their deepest secrets, ask hideous questions.
  • This game can be incorporated in many other drinking games like Jenga Drinking GameKings Drinking Game etc.
  • Don’t get too personal while making the statements. A little bit of blatant nitpicking is fine but you should not try to be overly pushy with your questions.

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