Newspaper Tower Game

Newspaper Tower Game

Newspaper towers is a simple, fun team building game in which participants in group compete against other group in building the largest towers with newspaper.  The group that comes with largest tower within the stipulated time wins the game.


Group size: 5 to 15, the more the merrier

Material required:  stacks of newspaper, measuring tape, rolls of cello tape, whistle and a timer (stopwatch)

Time limit: variable or can be played within an agreed limit

Effective Age Group: 8+

How to play Newspaper Tower?

  • First, you need to collect as many newspaper as possible. Then the paper should be piled up equally into stacks according to number of participating team.
  • Now, the main groups is divided into teams. An ideal team has 2 to 4 participants. If the game is played to kindle team spirit and healthy communication, the number can be enlarged accordingly.
  • Then, the piled up papers as well as a roll of tape is distributed to the competing teams. Should the organizer manage to keep spare newspaper for just-in-case-any-team-demands-for-any-unforeseeable-reasons, it will evident the prudence on their part.
  • The organizer shall then set the timer to agreed window of time and permit the group to start making towers out of newspaper. The team can bring their individualistic approach to create the tower and the approach will be permissible as long as just newspaper is used and the length is sewn with cello tape.  Glues, staples or anything else is prohibited.
  • Once the agreed time finishes, the organizer whistles and each team should stop the tower making process. It shall be a good sportsmanship gesture if each team raise up.
  •  The organizer then measures the length of towers created by each team. Additionally, each created piece should be inspected for its ingredients conformity- i.e. if it were created according to the rules. While measuring each piece, the tower that falls over cannot be repaired and re-measured.
  • The team that makes largest tower according to the set rules wins the game.

Key Takeaways:

The competitiveness factor can be amplified up by excluding the supply of   tapes thereby freeing the participant to come with noble, gluing approach.

These kids did a marvelous job.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Instantaneously formed groups do away the personal bias and reservation within the fellow member.
  • Consequently, fellow participant from each group shares and cares each other subconsciously and without fail.
  • The creative avenues within each participate can be explored through flexibility in design and gluing option.