Beer Pong game

Beer Pong

November 30, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Beer Pong also known as a Beirut is a widely popular team game in which two teams compete with each other to feed the maximum […]

Alliteration: A team building game about words


November 30, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Alliteration simply means the occurrence of same letter or sound at the beginning or closely connected words. The game of Alliteration revolves around this theme. […]

Tell Tale Die as a team building game

Tell Tale Die

November 30, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Tell Tale Die is a more of a rhetorical team building game that requires improvisational storytelling. It is a perfect icebreaker for you if you […]

Shrinking Universe Team Game

The Shrinking Universe

November 30, 2016 mycoolteam 0

This game contradicts the general belief that Universe in always expanding. Instead, the Universe is always shrinking in this game. The Shrinking Universe is a […]

Something old something new team game

Something Old, Something New

November 30, 2016 mycoolteam 0

Something Old Something New recreates the scene of marriage and this game justifies the adage: ‘Something Old Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue’. It […]