15 Best Party Drinking Games To Get You Absolutely Wasted

15 of the best party drinking games to get you wasted.

Parties are fun. They help us take a break from the formalities of our lives and let ourselves loose once in a while. That’s why we should keep on partying. Nothing brings out the spirit of a party than a good booze.

Though a health specialist might not recommend you binge drinking alcohol, the party mood is simply too hard to resist and if you can tolerate a mild hangover the next morning, there is not much wrong with healthy consumption of alcohol on occasions unless you develop dependance out of it.

Most of the parties have a lot of booze but some people might not opt in to drink too much; that sort of hampers the party mood. A good booze party is where every attendee is completely wasted and the games below will help you achieve that.

(These are all drinking games which involve consumption of alcohol, if you’re looking for more generic games without alcohol, check out 20 Coolest Party Games for adults)

15 Party Drinking Games to get you wasted/stoned/hammered/plastered.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is the messiah of party drinking games. This game combines alcohol with a bit of physics. Divide the group into two teams. Put a table between them. Fill your booze in cups and put it on the either end. Now the teams try putting ping pong balls into each other’s cups, when the ball lands on the cup, the content must be consumed. The team which run out of cups, loses the game.

On full rhythm, this game goes wild. It will be difficult to keep the tab on the booze you’re drinking but you would have to consume even more.

For detailed instructions on how to play Beer Pong, Read Here.

Cup Disguise

cup disguiseFill your plastic shooting cups with each of vodka, rum, schnapps and plain water.  Arrange them in rows, mix some of the glasses, color code each of them with a different colored dye and ask them to choose a cup by rolling a die. They may either drink the cup or pass them to other player.

This is a great game to bond with your peers. You can even use a defensive tactic to consume less beverage, but if you are on a party mood, why would you do that?

For detailed instructions on how to play Cup Disguise, Read Here.

Battleshot Drinking Game

Battleshot drinking game
A simple batleshot arrangement

Battleshot is a drinking rendition of the game battleship, which, I am sure must of us have played growing up. You play this game similar to battleship, in addition to a shot in each battleship. Consume the content in your cup if opponent hits your battleship and ask the opponent to consume his if you hit is battleship.

This game will surely help you get drunk in parties, plus it’s a fun activity to get wasted.

For detailed instructions on how to play Cup Disguise, Read Here.

Bullshit Drinking Game

Bullshit is a great card game about deceiving the opponents. Starting from ace of spades, the participants must throw their cards in order of 2,3,4….J,Q,K. If you do not have the card you are supposed to be throwing at your turn, you can easily bluff your card. But it can be easily played as a party drinking game as well.

If someone smells a bluff, he can call ‘bullshit’ at any time. If the player was actually bluffing, he must finish his glass and if he is wrongly accused, the accuser must finish his glass.

For detailed instructions on how to play the Bullshit Drinking Game, Read Here.

Kings Drinking Game

Kings Card Game Kings Drinking Game is a simple and a popular binge drinking part game played all around the world. Associate a rule for each card, i.e Ace: Drinking Waterfall, 2: The player drawing the card drinks, 3: Everybody except the player drinks and so on. Assign the supreme power to the King. Draw your card, do your activity and it goes without saying, Drink!

Kings will get you drunk quickly but does not fail to provide you with light entertainment that goes with drinking.

For detailed instructions on how to play Kings Drinking Game, Read Here.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is one of the most popular verbal drinking games out there. You simply tell the things you’ve never done and if anyone has already done it, the person has to take a drink. If no one has done what you’ve never done, then you’d have to take a drink.

Never Have I Ever can be incorporated with other party drinking games like Jenga and Kings making it an obvious choice for your party escapades.

For detailed instructions on how to play Never Have I Ever, Read Here.

Quarters Drinking Game

Quarters is another hugely popular drinking game which can be played with just coins and cups. With rules associated with each of the combination whether you hit or miss, you take turns trying to land the penny into the cup.

Quarters is a really efficient game and will require a skill of accuracy. The more accurate you are, the less alcohol you are going to consume and more power you’re going to have.

For detailed instructions on how to play the Quarter Drinking Game, Read Here.

Jenga Drinking Game

Jenga Drinking GameJenga Drinking Game is a rendition of classic Jenga game but with alcohol, well duh!. Just like Kings Drinking Game, each Jenga card has a specific rule attached to it. Build a Jenga tower first and try taking down the tower with one hand, for every mishaps (jenga tile fallen), you should do your assigned activity.

The best thing about Jenga is that there are more than 50 tiles. So you can brainstorm your own rules. Some of common rules are also really funny.

For detailed instruction on how to play Jenga Drinking Game, Read Here.

Mario Kart Drinking Game

Mario Kart is a classic racing game developed by Nintendo. How about you add some drinking to it? Yes that’s exactly what Mario Kart Drinking Game is all about.

It’s like a normal race; whoever finishes the finish line first wins. But there’s a twist, while finishing the race, you must finish your beer too. And while drinking mid game, your kart must be parked.

This game will get your drunk faster than any other game and the bizarre thing is you won’t even know you are drunk (for some time at least).

In Between Drinking Game

In Between is a popular card game. You are provided with two cards (for example a 3 and a Jack), now you can choose whether or not to take a hit of next card. If you decide to hit and the next card comes ‘in between’ two initial cards, you win. If the new card does not come ‘in between’ the initial cards, you lose. If the third card is a 5 you win because it’s between 3 and J( the numeric value of J is 11) but if it’s 2,3,J,Q,K or A, you lose because they don’t fall in between 3 and J.

While playing in between drinking game, place drinks in the table and distribute two cards. If you decide to take a hit and you win, the other player drinks but if you fail, you’ll have to drink. If the new card is the same, 3 or J in this case, you’d have to take all of your remaining drink, this is known as getting ‘hit on the head’.

Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a simple and efficient party game to get you totally wasted. Divide the group into two teams of equal number of players. Put a table between the team. Fill plastic cups with beers and put in the table between them. Each team is given a single cup. Now the player should put the beverage in their cup and drink the content in it. After finishing his glass, he must flip the cup and make it land bottoms up. The player can only pass the cup on that event or else he would have to keep on drinking.

The first team to finish their drinks wins the game.

For detailed instruction on how to play Flip Cup, Read Here.

I Drink and I know Things

This game is heavily inspired by the character Tyrion Lannister of Game Of Thrones. First you select a category. For example European Geography. Then you quiz your drinkers on the facts. Like asking them which is the largest river in Europe? If they give correct answer, you’ll have to drink. If they do not, they’ll have to drink.

(The answer is volga in this case (If you knew about it mention in the comments and I’ll take a drink, and if you did not know the answer you take a drink, no cheating.)

If only you happen to know about it, everybody drinks or if somebody happens to know about it, you drink.

Show off your impressive knowledge or find out it’s not so special. Anyways drink your alcohol and know some trivia facts (unless you do not forget it the next morning.)

Most Likely

Most likely is a drinking game similar to Never have I ever. But instead of stating the things you’ve never done to the group, you state the random bizarre things and the people who think they are most likely to do that thing must take a drink.

Example: Ask interesting questions like, Who would be most likely to skip office day for a free meal? Now make a count of 3. The people who think they are most likely to do the task must take their drink.

Drunk Pictionary

This game is a drinking rendition of a classical pictionary. Take a stopwatch and give a word to the player. The player takes the word and tries to draw it on a drawing pad. Like pictionary, he can only illustrate the word through his drawing and not utter the word to the group. The penalty in that case is of course drinking.

For every 30 seconds the artist can not make the group understand the word, he has to take a drink. For example if it takes 1 minute for the group to guess the word from the picture, he will have to take two drinks.

Master of the Thumbs

Master of thumbs This game is a clever addition to any of the above drinking activity. Master of Thumbs has the power to change dynamics of any drinking game.

At the beginning of the party (or a round), select a thumb master. The thumb master, at any point of any game may slyly place his thumb at the table. Other players noticing the presence of thumb must place theirs above the thumb master’s thumb. The last player to do so has to take a drink.

The drinker has a chance for vengeance as he replaces the thumb master. Alternatively, players can also be made to drink if they place their thumbs on the table before the thumbmaster.

Have you played any of these games before? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.