20 Coolest Party Games Especially For Adults

Coolest party games for adults

We’ve all been to parties. The drinks, the dance and the mood is simply too hard to resist. In parties, we meet new people , have casual conversations and let ourselves loose.

But sometimes, amid the total chaos in interactions between the party organizers, those who attend, those who are invited and gate crashers, the parties tend to dwindle towards the inanities of formal life.

Party games are a great way for every participant in a party to be involved and bond with each other. These games help to lighten the mood and encourage the party hangers to have conversation and more than anything, these games are extremely participate in.

Explore 20 best Party Game Ideas Below

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Two Truths and a Lie

Two truths and a lieDeception and observation are the two best traits of Two truths and a lie. This game works the best as a ice-breaking session in parties. This game is equally fun while played between familiar faces.

A person says three statements about himself, among them two are truths and one is a lie. The other people take turns in segregating the lie from the truths. When the party is in full swing, you are sure to notice some unusual consequences, especially when people are drunk, witness emotion take its toil.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play two truths and a lie, Read Here.


Mafia- a card game about deception, accusation and persuasionMafia is a game about deception and persuasion. Separate the players into cops and mafias via card selection. Now cops must find the mafias and mafias must eliminate the cops by ‘acting’ one of them. Mafia is a great game for parties as it perfectly embodies the party spirit.

Mafia is a great game to chill out and have interesting and logical conversation ergo a great game for parties. Just make sure what happens in the game stays within the game.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play Mafia, Read Here.

Cards Against Humanity

C.A.H is not a liberal man’s utopia. This game is vulgar, offensive and politically incorrect but if you have a taste for offensive humor, you are going to absolutely love this game.

C.A.H is basically a card matching game in which a player chooses a card among the cards containing offensive, silly or borderline absurd statements and the other players must find equally offensive card to match the statement made in the initial card.

This game is a great game for party hang outs.  But you’d have to make sure there are not too many ‘soft spined’ people in the group. This game is all about fun and nothing should be taken too seriously.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play Cards Against Humanity, Read Here.

Guess What?

Guess WhatGuess What? is an extremely effective icebreaker game for parties and the best part is, it requires nothing. No props, no equipment etc. It is a guessing game played between three people where a person makes a guess in numbers and two remaining people try and come close to the player’s guess.

If you are the party host, Guess what is a perfect game you can play to keep your guests entertained. This game will certainly provide plenty of points for discussion and help liven up your party.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play Guess What?, Read Here.

Member BerriesMember Berries

Member Berries is a game about nostalgia and memories. It works as a effective icebreaker game as well as a fun way to keep your party going.

Start from a memory about past that everyone remembers, keep on adding specific memories until the memories become more esoteric. The reason this game works so well is that everyone remembers past as a beautiful place and always cherish the good memories. Bringing these memories on the table promotes bonding and aids logical conversation.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play Member Berries, Read Here.


Sardines is an action based activitySardines y and a perfect game for outdoor parties. This game is more like Reverse Engineering Hide and Seek but of course with additional fun filled rules.

One person hides in the celebration venue and the others take turns locating the person. Once they have located the person, they hide with him and wait for others to locate them. When multiple players have found the initial hiding person, the place looks like a tin can cramped with oily fishes and hence the name Sardines.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play Sardines, Read Here.

Are we any different?

Are we any different is an ice breaker activity that is about spotting the differences.Are We any different is a great icebreaker and a fun game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Playing this game on parties adds a different dimension to it.

Two teams take turns disguising each other with the help of props in the party venue. One team goes into prop room and make changes in their appearances to fool the next team. The changes may include a different colored tie, socks or a hat. Just make sure these differences are subtle and hard to spot. The teams take turns being the ‘fooling team’ and the ‘spotting team’.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play Are We any Different?, Read Here.

Human Spelling

Human Spelling gameJust like Are We any Different, Human Spelling too can be played by people of all ages. Playing human spelling in parties help the attendees to bond with each other and have plenty of things to talk about.

Try expressing things about you; like your name, favorite movie etc only using your body. The twists and turns of your body along with the casual party mood will help to keep the party going and the crashers interested.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play Human Spelling, Read Here.

6 Degrees of separation

6 degrees of separation , an ice-breaker that will prove we are connected somehow.Six degrees of separation is the idea that all humans (or living things for that matter) are connected with everyone else in the world in six or fewer ways.

Make a list of common things and start exploring the party attendees. The common things may include a primary school, a church, a local celebrity etc.

This game helps to create a chain of friends of friends and enable instant bonding on a personal level. That’s exactly why parties are made, right?

For detailed instructions and rules on how to 6 degrees of separation, Read Here.

Tell Tale Die

Tell Tale Die is an improvisational story telling game that is sure to hook the party attendees. A person starts the game by improvising a story and the rest of the group can ask him to stop any time.

The adjoining person than adds his plot to the story. The rest of the group can either stop him and pass it to the adjoining player or kill the player if his story is too bland.

We love telling stories to our peers and hearing their stories that is the reason why Tell Tale Die is a great idea for a party game.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play Tell, Tale, Die, Read Here.

Something Old Something New

Something old something new team gameTraditionally on Christian Marriages, when a bride weds, she receives four things, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

A person becomes the bride and goes into next room, the other players think of each of the four things they are going to give to the bride. Now with the help of hints provided, the bride must guess each of her four gifts.

This game is fun to play in parties and especially popular among ladies. With a lot of guess work mingled with the zeitgeist of a party, you are sure not to miss out on the fun.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play Something Old, Something New, Read Here.

People Bingo

Imagine the game bingo, but instead of filling the bingo sheets with numbers, try filling it with characteristics of your peers, their ideas of fun and their guilty pleasures. Sounds like an unbeatable idea for a party game, right? Exactly!!

Make a list of these characteristics like: watches friends rerun, admires Charlie of two and a half men, prefers pepsi over coke etc. Fill in your bingo card and play it like a normal bingo, except it won’t be normal.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play People Bingo, Read Here.

A4-paper challenge

Best strategy for A4 paper challenge

A4-paper challenge is a simple get through paper challenge but that does not stop it from being a really cool party game. Divide the teams into pair and each pair should devise an un-tearable paper gate through which other team members should enter. The players should get their whole bodies through the paper, the inability to do so and they’re eliminated.

This game can be played in office parties and more formal gatherings. You’ll just need a A-4 size paper and a scissor and you’re good to go.

For detailed instructions and rules on how to play A4-paper challenge, Read Here.

Denmark Elephant

Denmark ElephantDenmark Elephant is more of a mentalism trick than a game. You can do this trick in any party and get the attention you desire.

Basically what you do in this game is trick people into thinking they have multiple choices when you are actually subtly limiting their choices to your desired ones.

For detailed instructions and rules to play Denmark Elephant, Read Here.

Sentence, Picture, Sentence

Sentence, Picture, SentenceSentence, Picture, Sentence is analogous to games like pictionary but a bit simpler than them. Ask the participants to write a sentence they like; can be a trivia fact or a complete gibberish. Pass that to adjoining player and he draws a picture depicting the sentence which he passes to next player who writes a sentence interpreting the drawing.

Repeat this process until you have a paper full of random sentences and funny drawings.

For detailed instructions and rules to play Denmark Elephant, Read Here.


Not much of a ‘game’ but Googlism still is a fun party activity you can try to liven up your celebration. Googlism only requires an electronic device with an Internet connection.

Have you ever googled yourself and found some weird funny results? Googlism compiles these results and more often than not, they are hilarious.

Try Francis for example:

Some funny googlism response for Francis

Encourage the participants to try googlism for their name and ask them to encat some of funny results. Like for the result Francis is the world’s greatest female singer, Francis has to sing Celine Dion song.  Some of the results are really funny, like Matthew is a hippopotamus’ dilemma. How on earth are you going to act that one?

For detailed instructions and rules to play Googlism, Read Here.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong gameBeer Pong is actually a drinking game but this game is so cool that the urge to to put this game on this generic list was way too much to resist.  This game is like a messiah of liquor game for parties.

If you are in a mood to get wasted, this game is the best for you. Divide the party crashers into two groups. Put a table between the teams with beverage filled plastic cups spread across the end (In a symmetric fashion). Now the teams put ping pong balls across each other’s cups and if a ball lands on a cup, the content on the cup (usually beer) needs to be consumed. There are several rules to it and the team which forces the other team to consume all the beverage wins the game.

For detailed instructions and rules of Beer Pong, Read Here.

Pass the Orange

pass the orange Pass the orange seems like a more generic choice of a party game as it can be enjoyed by attendees of all ages. The power of this game is it’s simplicity. It’s such a simple game and yet totally effective for party bonding and additionally, a fun way to pass the time.

Arrange an orange from party inventory and ask all the players to sit on a circle or stand in a line. The objective of the game is put an orange under your chin and pass it to the chin of adjoining player but you must do this without getting your hands on the orange.

Watch the party-crashers have their fair share of fun amid controlled chaos.  Penalize the player who drops the orange.

Rubber Chicken

rubber chicken party game Rubber Chicken is an impersonation based party activity. A randomly selected person has to go to the center of room and interact with the dummy chicken made from rubber. The interaction should be amusing to other members in the group.

The players can dance with chicken, fight with the bird, cry along with it, tell jokes to it; all in a bid to entertain the party members. But despite the uncontrollable giggles, other members must do their best to control their laughter and the first person to laugh takes his turn playing with chicken. So all in all, the players have 1 minute time to try and make at least one person laugh. Penalize the person who fails to invoke laughter in members.

Cherry Eating Game

Cherry Eating Game is a food based party game. Apart from cherries, this game requires no additional materials.

Set a number of cherries the players must eat to finish the game (say 5) in a certain time limit (say 2 minutes). The catch is they simply can not use their hands while eating the cherries. They should devour the sweet fruit while their hand is tied to the back.

To add extra fun to the game, top cherries with whipped cream. Yes! you can imagine where this game is going.

Have you played these games at parties? Any games you want to add on our list? Please let us know in the comments below.