People Bingo

People Bingo is an icebreaker bingo game about people.

People Bingo is a great icebreaker and a fun team building activity. The beauty of People Bingo is that it never ceases to disappoint and will give your group healthy giggles for days to come.

If you do not know how to play bingo, follow the instructions described in the video below or read this manual:


Equipment: Bingo Cards, Pen, Paper

Group Size: 8-20

Effective Age Group: 15 and above

Game-play Instructions:

  • Before the game is started, design a fully solved Bingo according to your preference.
  • Some common bingo card layout consist of:
    • five boxes in a row – going across, down, or diagonally
    • an X diagonally through the Free space
    • a box shape – around the Free space making a square
    • a picture frame – all of the outside boxes filled in
    • blackout – with every box completed
  • Each player may only sign in one box on Bingo card
  • The players must require other players to sign their bingo card. Writing other person’s name for them on a card is strictly prohibited.

Tony Knight describes her version of People Bingo in the video below:

Key Takeaways:

Below are some template cards for People Bingo


There can be many variations to People Bingo, some very common of them being

  • Family Bingo
  • Reunion Bingo
  • First Day at Office Bingo etc.

There are also varieties of bingo cards available.


Learning Outcomes:

  • This game helps to build up a great light weight environment at the room with everybody having their share of fun.
  • Though whole lot of luck is involved in bingo, there still is enough room for multiple tactical maneuvers about placing the world.