Pretend You’re XYZZY: Internet’s reply to Cards Against Humanity

Pretend You’re XYZZY is an online rendition of the vulgar card game Cards Against Humanity. This game is basically a card matching game where the Card Czar lays a question from his set of black cards and the other participants select their best response from their set of white cards. The card czar reviews the answers and awards the most appropriate response and passes the turn to become a ‘Card Czar’ to the next player.

Seems simple, right? Well it’s not. The statements written in the cards are dirty, vulgar and borderline offensive. The card czar has to decide which card has the driest most offensive reply and award it.

a typical cards against humanity session

Pretend you’re XYZZY is the Internet’s take to Cards Against Humanity. There are several websites which provide free services to join and play this game. Most of them also give you the ability to play this game with your friends online.

How to play Pretend you’re XYZZY?

  • Visit a website which is hosting this game. I’ve listed some of the most popular Pretend you’re XYZZY websites below:

or you can google for more websites.

  • Login with a username.
  • Join a random group or create a group with your friends.
  • Now the game goes on automatically. If it’s your turn to become a card czar, you’ll be provided with a black card but if you’re not, you’ll be provided with a white card.
the game names are a rather offbeat to say the least

There is also option to spectate the game but certainly playing is more fun than watching other’s play.

A snapshot of my session

You’ll see all the answers laid off if you’re the card czar and you’ll have to click to the best answer. If you’re not the card czar, you should first submit the answer card and wait for Card Czar’s verdict. In the picture above, I was the card czar. I awarded the answer “Harry Potter Erotica”.


While playing online, the cards are provided from the website database. But you can also make your own custom cards.  If you consider yourself a geek, you tweak the open source code to make your own online game.