Pyramid Card Drinking Game

pyramid drinking game

Pyramid drinking game (also known as ‘beeramid drinking game’) is a party drinking game in which the cards are organized in the form of pyramid (heavy bottom row to light top row) and the players must drink the amount dictated by their drawn cards and the cards in the pyramid.

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Group Size:

5-6 players (can be adjusted)

How to play Pyramid Card Drinking Game?

  • Arrange four randomly shuffled cards to form a row. Add three more cards to row and continue this pattern until you end up with a pyramid of face down cards as shown in figure to the right.
  • Each row of the pyramid has its own assigned number of drinks.
    The bottom row cards will make you take a sip, the second last row will make you take 2 sips, the second to the top row cards will force you have three sips while the top row cards will make you consume the entire cup. 
  • Now deal the remaining cards to all the players in the group.
  • The player with the smallest card exposes the bottom left card of the pyramid.
  • If nobody has a match with the card he exposed, the player has to take a drink according to the level of pyramid.
  • If a player has matching cards to the exposed card, he can assign drink to the player he wants (according to level of pyramid, 1 sip in this case as the card is from bottom row)
  • Alternatively, you can bluff to other players and assign card to another player even if you do not have the card of matching face value. If the player catches the bluff, the player to bluff takes two drinks.
  • Turn the next card in the row and continue the same procedure.
  • After an entire row is finished, move to upper row and continue.

Audrey Foo does a good job visually explaining this game:



The players can also be asked to lie their cards face down and memorise them. If someone says the player is bluffing, he has to find his card. Drawing a wrong card results in penalty (making him consume 2x beer). After the pyramid is done, players can take turns memorising their deck in the initial order. For each wrong card, they are penalised.


  • In case two or more players have the same card, use the common tie breakers like coin toss, die roll etc.
  • Like with every other drinking game, enjoy responsibly.