Quarters Drinking Game

Quarters Drinking Game

Quarters is a popular drinking game played all over the world. Apart from Alcoholic Beverages of your choice, it does not require much materials and the gameplay is fairly simple.


Quarter(or any coin), Alcoholic Beverages of your choice.

Howcast has a simple explanation below but there are many variations to the game.

Quarters Drinking Game Rules

players trying to bounce their quarters into the liquor cups.
  • Place your shots and a stack of quarters on the table
  •  These players try and bounce their quarters off the table and attempt to make it land onto their shot glass. If a player succeeds in landing the quarter in a cup; he can pass the shot to his adjoining player either on left or right.
  • If you successfully make it twice,  you can assign the drink to whomever you like.
  • If you get the quarter three times consecutively, you can make everybody take their shots plus you can invent your own rule like nobody can mention the word ‘drink’ or they’ll have to drink, only quarters landing in heads are counted etc.
  • Pass the the turn in case you can not make it inside the glass.

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